Live Simply In 2019: November Mantra, Forgive Past Mistakes

November 1, 2019


Forgiveness is a spiritual reset button.

“Begin again,” Forgiveness instructs. Release the offenses incurred, the standards unmet, the judgments rendered. View the situation, or that person, or yourself with compassion. Remember that everyone, including yourself, is sorting through hardships, and (probably!) doing their best to play the hand given.

Begin (forgive) again, and again, and again.

Forgiveness isn’t a once-in-a-while thing. It needn’t be reserved for only the big time blunders. Forgiveness is an all-the-time tool, especially when it comes to yourself: self-forgiveness is a moment-to-moment thing. It’s a constant pardoning for the myriad of menial ways we fail to achieve perfection, and yet remain worthy.

We don’t forgive because we condone the mistakes done by others or by ourselves, we forgive so that we can move beyond them. We forgive so that we can let go of the burden that is resentment, shame, and judgment. (Have you any idea how much those feelings weigh? How much space they occupy inside us?)

You are allowed to protect yourself. You are allowed to cut ties, and say no, and refuse to put yourself in the position of being taken advantage of. And even when you take those stands, you will encounter new pain requiring forgiveness. Life is a little bit messy, and everyone, including yourself is flawed. Shit happens. Best to shake it off, lest it defeat you and calcify your vital heart.

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