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A Return To Patience

Once upon a time, patience wasn't a virtue, but a requirement. Nature's slow and steady progression was the ruling faction. Nowadays, it has become increasingly...
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Live Simply In 2019: December Mantra, Be Light

  After I moved out of my parents' house, there was a time when returning for visits was terribly depressing. Everything that’s hard about being...
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Live Simply In 2019: November Mantra, Forgive Past Mistakes

  Forgiveness is a spiritual reset button. “Begin again,” Forgiveness instructs. Release the offenses incurred, the standards unmet, the judgments rendered. View the situation, or...
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Live Simply in 2019: October Mantra, Embrace Change

I can't be totally sure, but I've heard rumblings that there are people out there who naturally embrace change. The same thing over and over...
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Live Simply in 2019: September Mantra, Strive For Excellence

If perfection were possible, we would have attained it by now. If telling ourselves perfection is an impossible goal were enough to convince us to...
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