5 Tricks To Get More Done

May 21, 2014

Okay, so you’re still a human being and not a machine. Sucks, I know. But as non-automated entities will probably soon be a thing of the past, let’s not rush to lament your living/breathing status quite yet.

Instead, let’s discuss ways to maximum your limited efforts, to beef up productivity, to get more done.

Some strategies, for your consideration:

So necessary! 5 tricks to get more done everyday.

1. Batch your errands and tasks

Any tasks that require similar brain power, location, or tools should be batched together so you can knock them out all at once. It takes time for your brain to shift areas of concentration, for you to get out or put away various supplies, and to travel to various locations.

Errands in particular are an easy way to increase productivity through the batch process, or an easy way to spend a lot of time unnecessarily.

Think ahead–a day at a time, or a week at a time–so that you can consciously group together similar activities or tasks.

2. Delegate whenever possible

This tip may seem like cheating to some of you, but outsourcing does in fact allow you to get more done.

Delegate tasks to the people most suited to executing them efficiently and you’ll then be freed up to tackle those things you’re best at, and that require your urgent attention.

3. Enlist the power of the technological systems

Technology has vastly increased the speed at which we communicate. Yet there are so many small tasks involved that eat up precious moments of our days.

Make your virtual life as efficient as possible by relying on the automated systems available to you: email signatures, filters, even common response messages.

Far better to respond swiftly with a well thought out response than to be so busy and overwhelmed you never respond at all.

4. Use time constraints

Time limits create this wonderful sense of pressure that boosts our productivity.

Think about the microwave: when else are you as aware of the passing of three minutes, nor as determined to do as much as possible before the timer beeps?

Think of every time window in this context and you’ll maximize your efforts.

5. Do what feels natural

So often people are not as productive as they’d like to be because they aren’t listening to their own internal clock and mental process.

Forget the “normal” way things are done and instead focus on how you work best. Pay attention not only to what times of day you are most productive, but also to how those times of day correspond to the activities you need to get done, as well as the environment that best supports you.

For instance, there are many mornings when I ostensibly have time to work out before I meet with my clients. Instead, I use that time to answer emails or do a bit of writing. I feel more apt to successfully do those kinds of things in the early morning hours, while I know that for whatever reason, exercise feels easier to me in the afternoons or evenings.

When you heed your own internal cues rather than ignoring them, you allow yourself to move into a zone of productivity which feels much more like flow than like force.

Image credit: Stacy Able Photography via Style Me Pretty 

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