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The Breakfast Nook

Somewhere along the way I have developed a pretty serious crush on The Breakfast Nook. It must be because the morning (I didn't say early...
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A Post In Contrasts

Hi there little weekend-desperadoes. Today, some lovely things to look at. I keep finding myself inexplicably drawn to images featuring deep contrast. The airy-fairy, light...
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Exciting News and Settees to Share

Happy Friday little papayas! Today I have to start by sharing some pretty exciting news-- I am so honored to be featured in this month's...
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Live Simply All-Star: The Multi-tasking Ottoman

When you stop and think about it, every object in your home is taking up precious space. Every sweater, every glass mug, every last photo...
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Parenting Young Picasso: Organizing Children’s Artwork

The only societal sect to produce more art than artists are school children. Those little peanuts can make more art in a week than was...
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So Much Desk, So Little Room

Today's post was inspired by a fellow blogger's recent lament about the lack of space in her shared condo. Blogger + Hubby are forced to use...
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