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Spring Clean It: Kitchen Stove Grease

Many of you lamented the fact that I stopped publishing my weekend assignment posts. Well, here's a new take on an that old concept. For...
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10 Superior (& Superior Looking) Versions Of Common Household Necessities

A primary tenent of Live Simply is the concept of elevating the everyday, i.e. relishing every opportunity to make the seemingly or would-be mundane into...
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Cordless Irons And Other Laundry Innovations

On New Year's Eve, 2 Straws and I dined at a place everyone in town considers to be the finest dining establishment in Seattle. From...
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This Stupidly Easy, Totally Transformative Hack Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Leather Furniture Again

It's rare to find a company or product that truly innovates the way you approach some aspect of your life. What they provide is something...
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This Laundry Secret Just Blew My Mind; Do You Know About It?

It happened this past weekend: I was putting a load of colors into the washer when I noticed that sweater. It’d been sitting beside the...
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4 Objects & Areas In Your Space That Are Probably Begging To Be Cleaned

Take it from someone who spends most of her waking hours getting intimate with every conceivable inch of people's homes: there's a lot of dirty...
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8 Stand-Out Products To Make Your Wardrobe Staples Look & Feel Like New

There's a fine line between hoarding rags and scraps that once resembled actual wardrobe items and refreshing beloved items which show signs of having been...
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How To Clean Your Pillows, Blankets, And Comforters & How Often You Should

We've talked about washing your bedsheets, we've talked about the great and wondrous powers of your washing machine, but we haven't explicitly addressed the issue...
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Weekend Assignment: Fall Refresh

The change of seasons around here has been noticeable, to say the least. More concerning than the fact that the sun disappeared in favor of...
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