Cordless Irons And Other Laundry Innovations

January 4, 2017

On New Year’s Eve, 2 Straws and I dined at a place everyone in town considers to be the finest dining establishment in Seattle.

From the ambiance, (lush bunches of metallic balloons festooning the tables, staircases, and every other corner, giant tree limbs suspended from the ceiling, with pinecone garlands hanging from those) to the service, (exceptionally polished) to the food, (perfectly delicious) the restaurant delivered.

You can take the girl out of the organizing-domestic-nerd-squad, but you can’t the organizing-domestic-nerd-squad out of the girl, as they say. Which is why the most thrilling part of the evening came for me at the end of the meal, as we were staring off into space and waiting for the bill to arrive.

That’s when the servers were turning over the surrounding tables with military precision, and when the head waiter appeared with an iron to perfect the appearance of the tablecloths. Only, his iron wasn’t plugged in. It looked like every iron I’d ever seen…minus the cord tether.

“Oh my god, David, look!” I practically spat, “He’s using a cordless iron! Cordless! Have you ever seen that before???”

The response was probably something like, “Yeah, they make a lot of gadgets these days. Also, your excitement over this is concerning.” I didn’t hear; I was far too preoccupied ogling the handheld appliance.

Where had I even been? Who else knew about this? Why weren’t laundering, technological advancements making front page news?!

Not to worry; I delved down the rabbit hole to scrounge up the best in small-space, maximum-convenience-friendly laundry tools.

the best laundry tools for small spaces and hectic schedules. These are cordless, versatile options that making caring for your clothes so much more convenient.


1. Cordless iron– The very one. If it’s good enough for Canlis, it’s good enough for me.

2. Ironing mat– Small-space denizens rejoice! The expectation to store an ironing board is abolished thanks to this put-it-on-almost-any-flat-surface ironing pad.

3. Over the door, foldable ironing board– Tabletop, foldable ironing boards can be a bit awkward to position. This gives you the convenience of a smaller board, with the stability of a regularly sized one.

4. Portable handheld steamer– Small but mighty. And cord free.

5. Portable steamer with vertical over-door pressing pad– The ultimate in steamer-iron crossovers.

6. USB rechargeable de-piller and lint remover– Who has time for changing batteries, anyways?

7. Ergo ironing board– Apparently, according to many, the bee all and end all in the ironing board world.


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