Weekend Assignment: Fall Refresh

September 3, 2015

The change of seasons around here has been noticeable, to say the least. More concerning than the fact that the sun disappeared in favor of overcast grey skies with that special Seattle drizzle is this:

After a summer of fans blowing the air around and breezes blowing through open windows, the accelerated Fall weather conditions and the related repercussions (every window closed tight, no sunlight, et al) have this way of making a space suddenly feel stuffy, stale. Also: dirty.

Two days into The Rains my skin practically started to itch with an irrational feeling of being grossed out by my surroundings. There was no other option but to go on a mid-day cleaning/ refreshing tear, and afterwards, I’ll tell you, I felt better about the inside I occupy.

I get the whole Spring Cleaning thing, and personally, I’d like to lobby for Autumn-Spring Cleaning to also be a thing. Because shouldn’t we do all the scouring we can before we enter the imminent hunker-down stage, as well as after?

Listen, I don’t mean to be the grinch who stole Labor Day weekend, I’m just saying, maybe carve out a little time in there for some seasonal interior refreshing.

weekend plans: refreshing my space for fall!


So, what do I do?

A list of suggested refreshing tactics, just for you:

– Swap out throw pillows and blankets. These elements are an easy ways to reflect a seasonal shift in your space.

– Swap out your candles, your and home diffusers. Ditto the explanation above.

– If you have a seasonal system happening in regards to your household linens, get that process going.

– Move things around. For the sake of enjoying a change. For the fun of it. For the better flowing of the energy in the space, my dear.

– Clean. Right, cleaning is the best way to up the fresh factor. Recommended and oft neglected focus areas:

  • Inside drawers
  • Shelves
  • Kitchen cabinet doors
  • Hard to reach spots, like on top of the fridge, under the stove, behind the place and between the things.
  • Vacuum rugs; the top-then flip over like a woven pancake and hit the under-side. Consider reversing the rug for a while after realizing the pattern you’ve been enjoying is equally pleasing in opposite land. Vacuum the floor underneath the rug.
  • Keep the vacuum out, move all the furniture out of place so you can get the full grown ‘bunnies roosting underneath.
  • ETC.



Want more in depth explanations of how a person might refresh their space easily and affordably? Skim this one.

Need a review of the basics you’ll need to get your clean on? Right this way

Get on a tear of your own and want even more deep cleaning assignments? Why not clean your washing machine?

And then! Take advantage of your washing machine’s ability to clean all these surprising things.


Image credit: Feather & Twine Photography via Ruffled Blog


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