Birthday Wishes, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

April 4th is the best day. Wanna know why? ‘Cause it’s my birthday.

As I’ve taken to doing, I’m sharing 10 birthday wishes with you, my readerest readers. Here goes.



That people come to understand my definition of home: a sacred space, meant to take you in its arms after a long day and nurture you in the just the way you want to be nurtured. 



That we shift the conversation from “less” or “more” to “needed,” “life-giving,” and “balanced.”



That I crystalize my plans to innovate this business and this blog, whatever the hell that means, so that I can serve not one, but many, clients every day. 



That girls and women embrace directness in their relationships, and collectively pledge to abolish such immature, ineffective, and overall dumb means of relating as fake-nice, behind-the-back-slams, and outright lies because the world needs women playing big, and if we can’t even tell a friend she has kale in her teeth then we’re all doomed.



That each one of us takes full responsibility for our lives, recognizing that all of life is a choice, that all of life begins with our thoughts, and that each one of us has the power to create a life that fulfills us and serves others. 



That there be some laws put into place that prevent companies from putting entirely false claims on their product packaging because I am sick of that trickery.



That we stop feeling the need to apologize for living the life that feels best to us, for loving the things we love, for enjoying the hobbies we do, so long as they move us forward and cause no harm to others-you know like serial killing sprees. 



That we hold precious this idea: the goal of life is to be happy. 



That we come to understand the goal of life is achieved through gratitude and awareness.



As usual, my final wish is for you to help me share the message of Live Simply by sending this or any other post on to someone in your life who you care about. That’s my real wishiest wish on my birthday and everyday–to further spread the message that is my purpose: life is better, happier, and easier when you clarify priorities, honor what serves you and brings you joy, and let go of all the other noise.

Thanks for reading and for being such sports, always, most of the time.

Wishes, candles, blown.  





11 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes, 2015

  1. Kerrin

    Happy birthday, and thanks for the wishes, I love them all. You are very inspiring & I have immensely enjoyed reading your blog over the last year since discovering it. Here’s to another great year 🙂 xx

  2. jenseeme

    I hope you had a very happy birthday! I really enjoyed reading your list! My wish for you is that all of your wishes come true (especially, but not only, #3). Happy Birthday, Annie!


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