Christmas Trees And Lights Storage

December 26, 2012

Now that the holidays have officially concluded calendar-wise (though not in our hearts and spirits, never there), I wanted to provide you with some oft-requested holiday decoration storage tips. Now, I don’t mean to rush you dears, you keep those decorations up until New Years if you please. But I have to get the good word out; you understand.

Today we shall discuss storing christmas lights and christmas trees. Both can be quite obnoxious to accomodate, as they require very distinct storage solutions. But if you’ve got the right goods, it’s all just an x-mas breeze.

First up: the lights. I know of the headaches that light tangles can induce. I have watched many struggle with light strings in my time. The secret to avoiding such a fiasco lies in the winding. You must wind around some object and not just free-bulb it, and you must wind tightly enough that the strings won’t just slip right off whatever you’ve wound around.

One duh! storage solution is to treat your lights like a garden hose (wind them around a hose reel caddy).

You can also wind individual strings around pieces of cardboard. Make sure to cut a little slit on one edge where you can secure the ends.

Once you’ve done so, you can go ahead and stow the cardboard pieces in a container like this rolling storage box with snap lid. Make sure to label it with a list of the contents inside.

Another variation on the storage tub is to fit a couple tension rods inside and wind your lights around the rods.

You can also opt to purchase some ready-made light storage solutions. These storage reels and bag allow for easy winding of your lights and provide durable, compact storage.

If you’re storing an artificial tree, your best bet is to bag it up. This tree storage duffel offers durable storage, and transporting it from room to room is made easier by way of its wheels. If you have vertical storage space to work with then storing your tree upright is the way to go. This tree storage bag is pretty nifty– it can be used as a tree skirt while your tree is up for the holidays, and has additional space to store things under the bag (similar concept with this upright tree storage bag except that it comes with a rolling stand).

If you have any tree or light storage tips be a dear and share them with the rest of the class.

Image credits: Real Simple, BHG, I Heart Organizing, BHG, HSN

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