Backyard Beautiful: 10 Great Outdoor Storage Options For Porches, Patios, & Pool Decks

May 22, 2018

According to the calendar, it’s almost summer. My clients have begun mentioning words like “camp drop off” and “kids home from school” while on the subject of scheduling, which is crazy because, wasn’t it just March? Like, yesterday?

(We really must do something about this time flying the way it does, guys.)

The imminence of the warmest months means that soon, children will officially have no excuse not to be playing out of doors, families will gather to eat al fresco, pools will be paddled in and sat by, bikes ridden, and gardens tended, and you know what all these outdoor activities bring? The things.

Cushions and balls, towels and trowels. Goggles and hoses and gallons of SPF. And those stupid, mother-effing, get EVERYWHERE foam nerf whatchamacallits.

The difference between your backyard being an oasis of leisure and an open-aired cluster is Simple: it’s proper storage, friends.

And the good news there is that the offerings are as long as the daylight–deck boxes, storage seats, and bona-fide sheds.

Pick your poison and by poison I do mean your savior.

Backyard Beautiful: 10 Great Outdoor Storage Options For Porches, Patios, & Pool Decks


1. Anthracite grey deck box

2. Ecoflex deck box

3. Outdoor patio deck box seat

4. Peter Oakland Outdoor storage shed

5. Portable shutter deck box

6. Wooden garden shed

7. outdoor storage shed

8. whicker storage seat

9. 4-tier, 3 compartment outdoor storage

10. Jumbo white deck box


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