Spring Clean It: Kitchen Stove Grease

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Many of you lamented the fact that I stopped publishing my weekend assignment posts. Well, here’s a new take on an that old concept.

For the next while [until we get sick of it] [until I run out of tasks], I’m going to be ending the week with a suggestion for how to get your spring clean on. Because if there’s one thing I know for sure, other than that people’s houses are filled with clutter, it’s that people’s houses are dirty.

Dust, grime, mildew, dirt: it accumulates/grows/builds up in places most of us just don’t have time to tend to on a daily or weekly basis. But that dirt is real, nonetheless, trust

You want to know one place where it’s likely festering, getting grosser and grosser by the day? Go to your stove. Now look up. There; that inverted triangular zone above your stove.

Spring clean it: kitchen range grease.

Image credit: The Cook’s Atelier


Whatever you have going on therein is in firing range, and has likely been spattered with an amalgamation of cooking juices. Depending on how long its been since this task was attended to, you might have anywhere from a few dribbles to a nice, coagulated coating.

Spring clean it: kitchen range grease.

Image credit: Design by Rachel Parcell


We may not be able to agree on how many inches of snow constitutes a blizzard, but surely we both concur that syrupy cooking debris in your filter, on your cabinet doors, under your microwave, et. al is gross and ought to be handled.

So sign yourself up for the job or enlist the services of a housecleaner (no judgment). 

What you’ll need:


-A sponge/rag

-A cleanser

For expediency: a degreaser

For serious situations: an industrial degreaser


Who’s up to the task? 

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