Spring Clean It: Kitchen Crumbs

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Here I am, back again today, to tell you that your house is dirty. Weeee!

Our last spring cleaning task was to attack the sticky residue coating your kitchen. (Did you do that, huh? Did ya?) Today, we’re covering our bases by focusing on the crumbly bits hanging out all over your kitchen–the ones that normal cleanings most likely miss. Like where, for instance?

We may not have solved the mystery of how so many crumbs end up in places like the utensil drawer, but they do. Underneath your clean forks and knives, and chilling amongst your spatulas and can openers there’s likely an entire meal’s worth of crumbs.

You probably stopped noticing the presence of dirt and crumbs on such surfaces long ago. But look for them, and I can almost guarantee: you’ll see.

Spring clean it: kitchen drawer crumbs!

Image credit: Young House Love


So, here’s what you’ll need:

-Vacuum (my favorite, especially for a job like this is this)

-And/or rag and cleaner


Don’t miss spots:

-Silverware drawer

-Utensil drawer

-Spice drawer (!!!!)

-All up in and around your toaster

-Pantry shelves and drawers

-Under, behind and generally around your waste bins

-Underneath the oven


Get to it! 



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