The Trick To Maintaining Children’s Closet Organization

April 11, 2013

I spent much of yesterday rifling through children’s underpinnings and exterior garments (which was just as delightful as it sounds– are you aware how gloriously cute pajamas are for the junior set?), long enough to garner one fact: those kid people grow quickly. 

Amid brand spanking new size 8’s were remnants of lingering bygone days of youth– labels containing the characters “size 4-5” represented strongly, and it was obvious their presence was not merely a reflection of the lack of attention on weeding, but on the rapid rate at which their owner had progressed through them.


As my client and I went through each school uniform sweater, soccer jersey,  pair of knickers, and sparkly cardigan, the need for a system meant to manage the near maniacal growth process of children was apparent (especially as the younger child, and therefore the recipient of elder sibling hand-me-down’s, the closet in question was filled with both items yet too large to don, as well as the comically out-grown).

Here, then, is perhaps the easiest and most un-elaborate organizational system for this dilemma:

Step a. You get yourself (your child) two bins.

Step b. You label one bin “Too Big” and the other “Too Small”

Step c. You place the bins on an out-of-the-way shelf.

Step d. You put stuff in the bins as they arise. Kaboom boom.


This way, see, the clothing your child acquires prematurely in regards to fit aren’t tossed into the mix of the current clothing rotation. The clothes that are deemed too small can be collected over a period (of however long it takes to fill the bin), and the whole lot can then be taken to goodwill/consignment/yadah yadah. Effort saved: is a win.

Oh, and in case you’re now in need of bins and things for wee babe’s closet, make sure to check out my shop page, which features a smattering of my preferred products.

P.S. Do the images today explicitly illustrate the concept? Umm, it’s called using your imagination?

Image credits: Project Junior, Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy

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  1. […] Photo Credit: Live Simply By Annie […]

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