Simple Systems: Sam Penner of The Peak of Tres Chic

June 27, 2013

Sam Penner is likely one of the sweetest people you’ll meet online. You can pretty much bank on finding Sam’s name in the comment sections of your favorite bloggers– not in the creepy way, but in the consistently-supportive-cheery-response kind of way. On her own blog, she writes with sincerity and enthusiasm for the topic at hand, whether it be interiors, wedding attire, travel destinations, or her own client design projects. Today, Sam delights us with her Simple System.♦

Hi Live Simply readers! Sam here, from The Peak of Tres Chic. I am SO excited to be here guest posting about an organization trick I love. First off, Annie is a girl after my own heart. I have always craved neat and orderly spaces, drawers, closets… you get the picture.

I have always loved my beauty and skin products, but it always stressed me out to see products spilling out of my drawers and clogging my cabinet space. Finally, I took a pretty hot pink perfume box, threw out the products I never used, and stored the ones I did inside the box. Now my drawers are much more zen:

The small dish holds spare bobby pins and hair ties.

To keep the drawers clean, I lined all of them with a pretty grasscloth paper:

Instant drawer bliss! 😉

Thanks for having me, Annie!

For more from Sam—> The Peak Of Tres Chic 

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