Client Project: Madrona Master Closet Organization

December 3, 2013


Prepare your eyeballs and your hearts, because this week I’m bringing you a peek into some authentic Live Simply action.

The backstory is like this:

My client is a bit of a fashionista who adores getting glammed and getting mammed, and that latter adjective is meant as less breasty/medical examination than it is feminine, dressed up, adorned with flair. You know, the way ladies like to do. She’s also a shop owner/ business woman and the mom of a hot to trot youngster.

So basically she’s a total winner who has not the time nor perhaps the know-how to whip her closet into something beautiful. That closet, it should be noted, is around 100 years old, and so, you know, the chips weren’t exactly stacked in her favor.

When she enlisted me she had about given up on the thing, handing me over near full control (which, hello, is my fantasy).

Over the course of a few long sessions I’m proud to say that I whipped that little closet’s bootay. I hauled stuff out, I put stuff back in, I installed rods and other rods and hooks. I called in the help of some of my absolute favorite products, and I tried others for the first time.

And I can’t wait to give you all the juicy details.


And the next day.

Haha! Trapped you! Now you have to come back, you do.


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