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May 20, 2014

Yesterday I told my company/life story. So that happened.

To say I was blown away and completely filled up by all the sincere responses I got would be such a vast understatement. Thank you, thank you. It sounds trite, but your words fill my heart.

And now, onwards!

Recently I had the pleasure of quizzing the lovely Sarah Adler of Simply Real Health. If you missed that post the first time, you really must take a moment to read it now. Sarah is absurdly inspiring and you will be excited to hop on board the SRH train instantaneously. Trust.

Live Simply & Simply Real Health--organization and healthy eating...what more could you want?

Now, though, it’s Sarah’s turn to ask me all the questions. If you fancy catching the answers, head on over to S.Adlerland to read the interview.

Also, sign up for her meal plan. If you tell her I sent you she’ll give you a puppy.

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