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From Junk Drawer to Hunk Drawer

Chances are somewhere in that lovely home of yours you're harboring a deep, dark, drawer-- one full of mysterious and questionable items, old gum wrappers, soy sauce packets from your Chinese take out two years ago, inkless pens. Luckily, rediscovering that drawer's seductive side is easier than you'd think: Step 1. Empty said drawer of all contents. Step 2. Wipe drawer clean. Step 3. Sort through the collection of clutter. Discard any items that actually ...

Stress-Less Desk: The Ways of An Organized Workspace

The latest issue of Shape Magazine offers another good reason to finally organize that messy desk. Says the mag, "research suggests that the act of sorting through the disorder may cause clusters of brain cells to work overtime, triggering a migraine."  And then some doctor adds that "being surrounded by clutter can increase your stress level." Duh. With that in mind, I give you... The Organized Desk: A well-organized desk is one that has been ...

Easy Come, Easy Go: Entryway Essentials

Having an organized mudroom or entry is crucial to having an organized home. This area is where all the rushing typically happens; grabbing of keys and outer garments, and sloffing off items when you come home. If you're not careful, it can easily become a dumping ground for keys, coats, gloves, hats, shoes, and so on. On the other hand, serving as the entrance into your space, it can be a gateway towards order. The ...


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