10 Totally Great Gift Wrap Organizers

November 11, 2014

It’s definitely starting to be that time of year…

the time when all the clients start thinking about all the gifts and thusly all the gift wrap. And when they do (mouse-to-cookie style), they start to think about how the current state of their gift wrapping supplies storage is fairly miserable, and how pleasant it would be to change that. And then I, Annie, spend lots of hours winding back up unruly rolls of ribbon and categorizing the happy birthday! gift bags from the happy holidays! ones and don’t get me wrong, it’s all quite fun.

Only it occurred to me that I really ought to spread the love your way. So I present unto you the essentials in the department of gift wrap organization:

Get all that gift wrap organized BEFORE the holidays arrive for easier wrapping!

1. Craft Wall 2-Dowel Ribbon Organizer– A little bit of genius and bigger bit of convenience, this ribbon organizer is the much easier, much less messy DIY version of the dowel-idea you had previously hatched.

2. Clear ribbon box– Basic, dependable, with a thoughtful built-in section for stowing a pair of scissors and the like (featured in October Favorites).

3. Clear card keeper– This box is perfectly sized to house greeting cards, and the inner dividers allow you to sort by occasion.

4. Neat roll fasteners– Do not underestimate the necessity. That is all I will say.

5. ArtBin Super Semi-Satchel– A convenient way to corral all those little wrapping bits: the gift tags, the ready-made bows, etc etc.

6. Vertical gift wrap organizer– The no-brainer method for keeping rolls of wrapping paper in order and under shelter from dust (featured in September Favorites).

7. Wrap & tote organizer– Perfect for those who like to pull the wrapping supplies out on a seasonal basis, and then shove it away for the next time. Except not really shove. Live Simplys don’t shove. Place. Put. With purpose. That’s what happens.

8. Gift Bag Organizer– This bad boy will help you store tissue paper and all those medium or smaller gift bags, and not just store, but see.

9. Gift wrap cart– This cart provides everything you need, including a side compartment for holding rolls of wrapping paper, a spool for ribbons, drawers for tissue paper, gift bags and more, plus, its own surface you can actually wrap on. Ka-bam.

10. Gift wrap work station– A whole lot of brilliance, if you ask me.


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