Organizing Product Favorites: October 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Admittedly this favorites roundup is a bit on the random/scant side, but there it is: these post things are authentic and I won’t go calling something a favorite if it wasn’t and that’s the banana line.

(Just checking to see if you were paying attention.)

Also is the fact that a few of these products are not quite the literal definition of “organizing” ones, but rather more loosely of the lifestyle variety–the Live Simply lifestyle.

Let’s get into it.  

Must have organizing products for a professional organizer!


1. Soundpeats Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds W/microphone 

These, for me, have been revolutionary.

Before October I’m not sure I knew such a thing as wireless earbuds yet existed, and the fact that they do, well, total game changer would be putting it lightly.

They stay in my ears, the sound quality is respectable, and mostly they allow me to actually be hands-free. Or, cord-free. You know what I mean. Stand up, sit down, do the dishes, fold the laundry; they go where you go.

My one gripe about these is that there isn’t much of a way to monitor the battery level. Instead, you get a warning noise about 30 seconds before they’re about to die and then they die. But really for $30 I haven’t been complaining. 


2. Sentinel Shredder with Pullout Basket

I am very picky when it comes to shredders, which is a fact I discovered when I went to purchase one at the beginning of the month. Turns out all those client shredding sessions have had a lasting impression on me, and I have it in my head I now know bad from good.

Bad are the ones that can only shred 6 pages (2 at a time) before emitting an overwhelming smell of burning plastic. Bad are the ones that have a shredder lid which fits on top of a basket bottom, thus requiring you to remove the shredder part (which is sure to be spewing paper bits all of the floor) in order to empty the basket. Bad are the ones with those shredder lids that get so clogged you have to manually free them up, which means getting up closer and more personal with the blades than feels comfortable or wise. Etc.

This guy, on the other hand, fits my requirements: it’s on the smaller/compact side, it’s on wheels for easy stowage, it can shred a very respectable amount of paper per shred session for a home shredder, it’s cross section (maybe that’s the term, but it’s the more secure method), and, most importantly, it has a pull-out front basket. Less mess, less risking the losing of the fingers. 


[Update from the future: this water bottle sucks. Still on the hunt for my water bottle soul mate. Any raves would be sincerely appreciated. But don’t buy this one unless you want it to not leak, but just gush out all over your everything all the time.]

3. Hydracentials Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I was loyal to the Camelback for years. Years! If you’ve met me in the last five or so you will have seen me toting around a blue Camelback water bottle (not the same one, mind you, but merely replaced consistently in the identical shade).

Then a couple or three weeks ago I got sick. And while I was sick, laying on my couch in the middle of the day like a helpless little Annie, I got to looking at things around the living room, including that Camelback. And my eyeballs registered a color most of us recognize as black right around the nozzle.

Then very slowly, like coldish honey being poured from the jar cause I was sick and all, the thought occurred to me: hey, you see some black on that water bottle nipple (side note that nipple is never not a funny word). And then: wait, that black is weird. Why is that black there? That black is mold! My Camelback is killing me!

My curiosity led me to scroll through the reviews of the bottle on Amazon. I was simultaneously relieved and annoyed to find that lots of other people had similar mold-growing incidents.

That was that. Goodbye for ever Camelback and hello large chunk of time reading about water bottles, which is one of those activities you can’t foresee yourself ever doing.

(Thumbs up for the essay I seem intent on writing right now!)

Blah blah blah point being I found this water bottle and I sipped from it the entire month of October and can confidently report that it is one damn fine specimen. It’s lightweight, it has the kind of straw that the Camelback did (a big part of the reason I liked it), but, unlike the Camelback, it: a. hasn’t grown mold, and b. keeps water ice icy cold for at least 12 hours.


4. BAGGU Standard Reusable Shopping Bag

These reusable bags are convenient, come in endless fun, cheery patterns and shades, and make you feel like an upstanding, environmentally responsible shopper rather than a bag lady. 


5. Clear Ribbon Box

The no-brainer option for storing ribbons (although do check to make sure the size of your spools is right). I used them this past month to house one of my client’s extensive ribbon collection with great success.


6. Acrylic Jewelry Stands 

An always solid option in my book for my clients’ bracelets and necklaces. Ridiculously easy to assemble, they go with any style of closet or wardrobe, and they provide for a nice little jewelry display while in the process of storing.  


7. Kids Huggable Hangers 

Because closet glory shouldn’t be reserved for grown-ups.

What organizing products have you not been able to live without, hmm? 


2 thoughts on “Organizing Product Favorites: October 2014

  1. Linda G

    I agree that a good shredder really is a good investment. After using the cheap kind that sits over a trash can for years, we invested in a Fellowes model meant for small business use. Sometimes the greatest joys come from the silliest things! Knock on wood, we haven’t suffered a single jam, it senses when a finger or other object might be too close and stops automatically. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s amazing how much junk we shred each year, even just address labels and solicitations for insurance and such. A good shredder makes a difference.

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