Favorite This: October & November 2017

November 28, 2017

Two whole month’s worth of grueling test runs means these products are practically Favorite List Elites.

Double your storage space with this minimally designed, extra long shelf riser.

Franklin desk riser

Let me start by forewarning you: these come with giant ass labels on them that are fairly excruciating to take off. However, (and that’s a big however) I am still favoriting them. Why? Shelf risers that are shrimpy-size are a dime a dozen. But a riser that’s likely as long as the width of a cupboard shelf, that has perfectly unoffensive, white metal clean lines? And rubber feat to avoid sliding? That’s a horse of a different organizing product.

These risers were the linchpin in my client’s entire closet set up. She had purchased shelving units for her shoes under the assumption that she could also purchase additional shelves, sold separately, for said unit. The sale of the additional shelves recently (ahem) shelved, we were basically up a river in a canoe filled with shoes with no shelves on which to unload them. (That’s how that saying goes, right?) The whole dressing room set up was contingent upon the shoe-shelf capacity. So I said, “screw your shelves, I’ll add my own.” And just like that, a few Franklin risers saved the Simply day.



Paper sorter or handbag holder. Either way, this product is an organized person's dream.

5-section premium acrylic sorter

This is, firstly, an acrylic product of exceptional quality. Flimsy and frosted over, it is not. It might conventionally be used as a letter sorter. Given how easy on the eyes, and sturdy in its structure, it’s a brilliant storage solution in the closet, too, where it may be used to store (read: keep in line) small clutches and wallets.


Magazine sorter or handbag holder. Either way, this product is an organized person's dream.

Magazine sorter

For slightly larger clutches and small bags, I used this “magazine sorter” with massive success. The fact that it’s clear means it basically disappears. Meanwhile, bags appear as if they’re standing at command by magic.



There's more than one way to use these perfectly clear acrylic jewelry stands...

Acrylic jewelry stands

I know I’ve favorited these in the past, only I’m certain it was on the basis of their traditional application–that of storing jewelry. However, last month I was working on organizing a client’s gift wrap closet when I confronted the quandry of how to corral her ribbons. As fate would have it, I found that I had a couple of these in my car (leftover from a different client project) and such was my new favorite way to use these discovered.

Leave off the top horizontal bar, and what you’ve got is a perfectly clear stem for your ribbon spools. Innovation meets organization equals favorite.



these double tier utility boxes are basically everything you could ever hope for in a storage container and I am NOT being hyperbolic. 

Double tier utility boxes

These are my new obsession.

I mean it; it’s love.

These were new-to-me storage tubs that I selected over my old go-to’s since they were perfectly sized to fit inside my client’s garage cupboards. Dimensions they had going for them. Then I got involved and found myself in a storage wonderland.

These have two tiers. The bottom section comprises the vast majority of the tub, meaning you have one sizable vessel for the storage of larger objects. The top tier is around six inches tall, meaning it’s perfect for neatly containing smaller items. Which means within your organized category of goods, you get to organize your category of goods. (!!)

But wait, there’s more!

The top tier has three sections–one wider section, and two equally sized rows.

The box comes with nearly a dozen dividers that will fit across the wider or the narrow sections, and you can place said dividers wherever you wish. (Are you understanding the gravity of this) The sides of all of the sections are grooved, so the dividers can slide in at any point along them.

It’s basically everything you could ever hope for in a storage tub and I am not being hyperbolic. 


Pill bags--a seemingly small way to support your sanity.

Pill bags (Similar here and here)

Okay, now don’t hate me environmentalist friends, but I rather love these pill bags. I know, I know: they’re wasteful and such. But listen, some concessions must be made, and I figure a seemingly small way to boost my sanity while traveling is one I’m willing to make.

See, the thing of it is I take a good handful of supplements. I used to count out the number of each type I’d need while away and stick them all in a container or single ziploc. Only I started taking two supplements that look just identical enough to trick you into thinking you might be able to differentiate between them, only you absolutely cannot. One I take three of, the other, four. One at night, and the other in the morning.

After a few trips of determining I couldn’t tell the little buggers apart, rendering them all un-usable, I decided to make my life easier and get some single serving bags. [Why bags over pill boxes? The boxes take up more room, while also not providing you with enough room in each tab. Oy, the (first-world) drama.]

So that’s that. The pill bags are the new jam.


The sponge to make you fall in love with sponges. Add water, and these expand from flat into wondrously dense and durable, perfectly palm-sized sponges.

Pop-up sponges (Also available here)

Speaking of jam, (?) these pop-up sponges are the best sponges I’ve used in…I mean I don’t track sponge-use, but a while.

Here’s why: they pop up. As in: they are flatter than one of my fingers, and I have big fingers. Size 8 ring status over here.

Add water, and right before your eyes, they bloom up into wondrously dense and durable, perfectly palm-sized (I have average sizes of those, I think) sponges. Their absorption capacity is fantastic, they collect and trap dust with a vengeance, and on top of all that, they dry with impressive speed.

I stock them in my work bag because I need them to almost not exist until I desperately need to use them.

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  1. […] (These are another favorite of mine. I raved about them here.) […]

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