Favorite This: February 2017

February 28, 2017

Short month; quick favorites. Let’s do this.

1. Madesmart Expandable tiered shelf

Organizers a professional organizer swears by: this tiered shelf is a game-changer in the pantry.

I can’t begin to recall which tiered shelves I’ve favorited in the past, but if this one has been included previously it’s okay–it deserves double the mention.

This tiered shelf is sort of the nice-guy-finishes-last of the tiered shelf world. Compared to the stainless steel, the bamboo, or the clear acrylic versions, this one looks a little bit dorky. But beyond its unassuming looks, this tiered shelf is truly a pantry heavy weight. Favorite this because:

-It expands to fit varying sized shelves, a fact which always grants you at least three additional points.

-Its shelves are wide enough to accomodate the bases of most cans and jars, which can’t be said of many other versions.

-The magic is in the mat: that grey grippy material helps to keep contents in place, rather than slipping all over the place when you try to reach for the pasta sauce.


2. Supply caddy

Organizers a professional organizer swears by: this caddy is perfect for corralling arts and crafts supplies.

I picked up a couple of these to help corral one of my client’s children’s art supplies, and was happy to discover that they more than fit the bill. Don’t think that a caddy is a caddy is a caddy. Others may spin, some others may be perfect for cleaning supplies, but I do believe this was made to make the managing of small things easier. Why this one rules:

-It’s got enough compartments to actually separate out supplies, but also features removable dividers for customization.

-It’s sturdy feeling.

-It’s stackable, allowing you to make a lower caddy for your lower/smaller items, and an upper caddy for anything taller. But since it stacks, it doesn’t occupy additional horizontal shelf space.

-It comes in clear or aqua.


3. Tata Harper hand cream

The hand cream to end all hand creams. It resuscitates dry, chapped hands, helps them to retain moisture, absorbs instantly and is non-greasy. In other words, everyone one could hope for in a hand cream.

Tata harper’s entire line is one of the most gorgeous, natural, and effective on the market, in my humble opinion. I could devote entire week’s worth of posts to my love and devotion of Tata. But today I shall restrain myself and mention only this life-changing hand cream, which was gifted to me by an adored client. She must have known that I was in a crisis moment with my hands. She must have sensed that I had tried all my usual secret resuscitating weapons without any relief whatsoever.

See, I’m a disciplined hand washer as it is. But factor in cold and flu season, and the fact that every single one of my clients is sick or has a sick individual living beneath their roof, and I’ve been engaging in some OCD-level precautionary hand bathing. That, combined with the cold weather, and the fact that I (completely out of character) lost a glove three days after I purchased a new pair and have yet to buy another pair, and my hands were wrecked and ravaged.

Plus, they have all the usual suspects that go along with my gig: scrapes and paper cuts and so on.

Anyone who has seriously dry hands knows crappy, inferior quality creams don’t cut in. In fact, in my case, they actually make the situation far, far worse because they burn.

This hand cream, though. It is miraculous. It magically manages to revive my poor hands, and help them to retain the moisture. It also absorbs pretty instantaneously and is very non-greasy.

I’m trying to tell you it’s my new holy-grail product and you might also need it in your life.

(P.S. Here’s another option at a slightly lower price point that, in my experience, is equally amazing.)


4. Bluetooth speaker

File this bluetooth speaker under handiest tech gadgets.

After my dad pestered me about the possible dangers of using bluetooth earbuds every day, I decided to pick up a little bluetooth speaker.

I don’t know anything about speakers, basically, so I deferred to the Amazon ratings. With 4.5 stars and over 10,000 reviews (come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything with more reviews on Amazon than this, have you??), this one looked like it was worth a shot.

Happy to report: it’s perfectly fantastic! Impressive sound from a tiny box, it stays in range even when you move the source you’re playing from around (it has yet to loose connection on me), it’s extremely lightweight, and it has a ten-hour battery life.

What more could you want?!


What products/tv shows/ anythings rocked your month of February?

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