The Ideal Entryway: Mudroom Wash Station

Thursday, November 14, 2013

If we could build the perfect room from scratch, what would it look like? What features would it contain? Let’s have ourselves a little daydream…

You know what all good boys and girls deserve? A puppy whose cuteness is enough to send one into cardiac arrest. Also, possibly, a mudroom that features, among all the other things an entryway should (don’t we all know that by now?) a place to wash said canine, as well as footwear.

See, the point of the mudroom is to contain the mud. To ensure the outside doesn’t get tracked all over the inside. But how on earth can one be expected to do such a thing without a handy wash station/half shower in the anteroom? For lords sake, these unreasonable expectations, I’ve just about had it with them.

The way this works is: after you finish taking heart-attackingly-cute-dog for a W-A-L-K, you return home to find his blessed paws have gone quite dirty. Rather than taking the half baked attempt i.e. toweling off dog feet with a dry rag, which essentially just rubs the dirt into the fur further, you direct pup-pup to the little washing station, turn on the faucet, hose those paws down, kiss him on the shnozzer and let him run wild (Not that he would do that, because he’s a perfect creature.) without the slightest concern for prints.

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Alternatively, your delicious offspring returns home from a puddle stomping date in her ladybug rainboots, the bottoms of which are coated with oozy mud and probably small twigs too. Since she’s a well behaved wee babe, she dutifully removes the shoes by the door, at which point they are whisked away to the wash station, given a proper house down, and down that dirt goes for good. No caked on dried off mud tracks days later.

Mudroom wash stations–The Ideal.

Yay? Eh?

Image credits: Photography by Peter A. Sellar, (clockwise from top left) BHGGarden and GunMorgan Harrison Home, design by Jeannette Whitson via House Beautiful, Traci Zeller Designs

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  8. Doreen

    Who is the manufacturer of the spray shower head with black handle? Looking for commercial quality for my own laundry-dog-bath-mud-room remodel.

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