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Thursday, October 11, 2012

“Hi Annie,
I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time now! Would you share your tips for online planners/time management planing systems? I recently started medical school and my old paper planning system (color-coded, of course!) is no longer adequate to manage the amounts of work I have to do. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Thanks so much,

Leslie, my future doctoress, I am delighted to assist you in the swap from paper planning to online scheduling. The med student whose current color-coded life management system is no longer making the grade (ha get it) requires, I would imagine a kick-ass online solution. I have thus assembled a good helping of virtual options for your perusal below:

Online Calendars:

Google Calendar– Starting with the obvious here, but Google really does have the calendar situation on lock. Scheduling, syncing, event invites, and a plethora of other online planning delights.

Cozi– “Family life. Simplified.” Think that about covers it. Don’t know your familial situation, but hey, why not throw in what’s out there.

30Boxes– Basic calendar features and to-do lists. Allows you to share events with contacts, set your calendar to private or shared view. Not massively stimulating visually, but does get solid marks across the interwebs.

Rainlendar– Calendar and to-do list features that can be embedded on your desktop; touts its impressive customization abilities, which I must say does appear impressive.

Time Management/ To-do Lists:

Nirvana– Keeps track of anything and everything you have to attend to and easily categorize and prioritize. Allows you to store contacts, assign to-do list items to said contacts, turn any to-do item into a project, chart accomplishments in a logbook, and export data. Can’t think of much more you could desire from an online management system, really.

Teux Deux– A browser-based to-do list. Offers a weekly overview, a “someday bucket,” and, best of all in my opinion, an atuomatic rollover feature for unchecked tasks.

Remember the Milk– Manage your tasks, set email or text reminders, access tasks while offline, and allows you to integrate with your Google Calendar.

Todoist– Capture quick tasks and organize large projects, sync to everything and anywhere, and integrates with your email so emailed tasks aren’t neglected. I’m feeling the design style of this site– at least from the intro page.

Project Management:

Basecamp– Perfect for keeping track of projects– if you have one or many. Also great for group projects, as it allows everyone involved in the project to work together. “Last week 7,863 companies signed up for Basecamp to manage their projects.” So like, that’s a lot of people and stuff.

Trello– Organize projects, keep track of deadlines, and upload related documents, files and images. Touts its team project features; collaborate in real life, assign tasks, and keep everyone involved in the know.

Academic Planner:

Schooltraq– At press time, this site was still in its beta phase, but based on the description, I’d do whatever they ask to get an invite; enables students to track and organize assignments and classwork.

Myedu– Aimed at college students, this site allows you to keep track of your schedule, calculate your GPA, and more.

* * *

So there you have it, Leslie. I do so hope that you’ll find one site amongst those listed that suits you, sends you further down the path of Living Simply. And one day, when I need a medical procedure of some sort, I do expect it will be gratis.

And now my reader bees: If you have used any of the sites mentioned and have reviews in favor or opposition, or have other recommendations of sites not listed here, please do be a chum and throw that info into the comments box.

Squeezy hugs to all–

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10 thoughts on “Online Planners & Time Management Systems

  1. Dawn {The Alternative Wife}

    OMG Annie, could I love you more??? J & I have just been talking this week about how we need to make a to do list for basically everything in our lives and I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. Heading on over the check out these now. Starting with Nirvana. Which is your fave of the to do list ones? xoxo

    1. livesimplybyannie Post author

      Ah, perfect timing!! Oh man, on the to-do list topic– there are SOO many– I barely touched on these but lots of great ones out there. Possible post just devoted to these if you’re interested!

  2. ashley

    fantastic advice! i’m loving my MyAgenda and washi tape. somehow it’s more fun to keep track of appointments and to-do’s in a pretty planner.

  3. Leslie

    Wow!! I feel like it’s my birthday and the holidays all rolled into one! Thank you *so much,* Annie! I am beyond excited to explore these and I really cannot thank you enough!!

  4. Leslie

    And yes to the free procedure(s) – you have my contact info! (Just wait awhile until I’m experienced, ok?) 😉

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