Weekend Assignment: Un-Clutter Your Undergarments

July 9, 2015

It’s really sort of sad to me that most of the work people do to have things be presentable and lovely are more for the benefit of others, or, for themselves only in how it affects others’ perception of them, than for themselves.

Like how formal living rooms are consistently museum-immaculate, while upstairs in the bedroom, a mess of the hottest variety is a’ brewing.

This dynamic is especially true in the closet. We spend just forever figuring out what and how to wear the clothes that people see us is. But as for the rest? The ones only ever seen by ourselves and our dogs? They’re in the saddest state of affairs possible. Which is why, for this weekend, the assignment I’m giving you is to make beautiful your undergarmentry.

Organizing my whole life one weekend project at a time. This weekend: pajamas, loungewear, underwear. Get it done!


Pajamas, for one, are a nightmare.

I have seen more people’s pajamas than Wee Little Winkie, and I can tell you that absolutely almost no one is rocking anything remotely nice to bed at night. Rags. We’re all wearing rags to sleep.

Obviously, I get the desire to be comfortable. There’s a reason why people sleep and lounge in their oldest, rattiest garments and that’s because they’re often so worn in that wearing them is more like being naked with clothes on than being clothed.

But there’s a point at which worn in becomes wretched. And maybe, even, like, a little shameful?

So assignment numero 1 is to edit your sleep and loungewear. Don’t just take it for what it is; actually look at it. If it’s nothing but nasty now, please, please, pull the trigger and say goodbye.

Organizing my whole life one weekend project at a time. This weekend: pajamas, loungewear, underwear. Get it done!

For seconds: edit your undershirts.

I know it might oppose the thrifters and DIY’ers of the world, but I tend to think that undershirts (especially men’s), when they start to violently yellow and so on, should really be put out to pasture, not salvaged.

Can you reuse them? Sure can! Like how? Like, tear them up and poof! You’ve got yourself some handy cleaning rags.

But you and your men folk deserve undershirts that aren’t unintentionally ombred, you know?

And while you’re doing pajamas, loungewear, and undershirts, you should really just keep the edit going to all the undergarments:

– Bras

– Sports Bras

– Undies

– Socks

– Shapewear

– Stockings

That means: taking all of the aforeblogged items out of the drawers or shelves where they live, laying them out on a neutral workspace, sorting like with like, and then one by one, weeding out the No-Gos (torn; stained; ill-fitting; terribly embarrassing; wretched).

You can knock all these things out in under an hour, so there’s really no excuse.

Organizing my whole life one weekend project at a time. This weekend: pajamas, loungewear, underwear. Get it done!

This is one assignment that certainly might involve some shopping (if you’re as ruthless as you probably should be). Make a note of what items you’re now low on (if any), and then please do procure the necessary replacements.

Because no matter what anyone else says, I say you are worthy of a bra that holds your boobs in a gentle yet sufficiently dictatorial embrace, not of some wilted lettuce affair that thanklessly sits atop your chest, doing nothing for the old gals, but occasionally stabbing you in the side with its rogue underwire.

When you’re done editing, noting needed replacements, and giving yourself a Live Simply inspired brep-talk (thats: breast pep talk, for the uninitiated) fold it all up and put it away more lovely than you found it.


Psssst: for pointers on how to keep the underwear drawer neat, you’re going to need to see these


Image credits: unknown, BHG, Howards Storage World


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