Weekend Assignment: Declutter Your Jewelry

February 5, 2015

Oftentimes, its the smallest items in people’s homes that are the most clutter-filled. It makes sense, considering the fact that you can stuff some sixty necklaces away in a drawer and forget they’re even there; overlooking six couches stacked on top of each other would be a rawther more difficult feat.

Of course the rule is still true: if you own it, in some sense it owns you. Unless it’s something that serves you, bringing you undeniable utility and joy (that’s the magic combo, there).

Since jewelry is usually sentimentally-linked and small, it’s a perpetual clutter culprit. Well, that ends this weekend.

weekend assignment: declutter and organize your jewelry!

Live Simply Method:

– Take some time with your finery.

Gather it from wherever it’s lurking throughout your house–the junk drawer, your daughter’s box of weird and collected treasures, the spot where it’s actually supposed to be stored, and your freezer door.

– Get your edit on.

If it’s a cheapy item that you last wore in seventh grade, please go ahead and let go of that thing. (Tarnish level is usually a reliable indicator of how long it’s been since it last touched flesh.)

All the broken items? The earrings missing a stone, the necklace missing a link, and so on– you’ve reached the moment of truth in regards to those. You’re either going to put them aside and schedule a time this weekend to take them in for repair, or you need to admit that you’ve been living your life just fine without them, and you’ll continue to be just fine once you officially let yourself off the hook of getting them fixed.

Some things aren’t meant to be fixed. Sometimes, when things break, it’s best to thank them/it/he/she for the time you had together and then release yourself to move onto something better and more applicable to who you are now. We are talking about jewelry, here, I mean.

weekend assignment: declutter and organize your jewelry!

Speaking of things it’s time to call it on: the singles. The earrings whose mate you’d swear would turn up thirty million weeks ago and never did. Move on.

Another moment of truth item: those pieces you’ve been meaning to have appraised, to sell, to store properly so that they’ll last until your-yet-to-be-born granddaughter can inherit them because they’re that spank in the pants valuable. If it matters to you, really, then quit procrastinating and do it.

– Donate, throw away, pass on. Do the pass on, yeah, everybody do the pass on, uh-huh.

– When you’ve edited your collection down to the items you absolutely love to wear, the ones you don’t have to think twice about, and the ones that you can consistently count on to give any outfit that added punch, you’re ready to put it all back in a manner more lovely than you found it.

weekend assignment: declutter and organize your jewelry!


Psssst: Some decorative jewelry holders can be found over here.

And those of you seeking some necklace inspiration might want to head over here.

And for anyone whose partial to the rustic/DIY/flea market, this jewelry solution might just be for you.


Don’t forget to share your work on all the social medias with the hashtag #mylivesimply (I feel very unsure how to handle the grammatical aspect of this–is one to use the word “hashtag” before using the hashtag in application? How can one punctuate the end of that sentence without leading others to believe the hashtag concludes with a period, or a poop emoji? Oy, the technology these days!) Byeeee.

Image credits: Lonny Magazine (apparently, although I can’t actually find it), A Beautiful Mess, The Everygirl



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  1. […] Weekend Assignment: Declutter Your Jewelry […]

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  1. […] Weekend Assignment: Declutter Your Jewelry […]

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