Organizing Product Favorites: April 2015

April 28, 2015

8 must-have products hand-picked by a professional organizer!


1.  Poppin Super Stacked Desk Set (Letter Trays, Accessory Tray, This + That Tray, Pen Cup, Signature Ballpoint Pens)

These won’t be new and noteworthy to many of you–Poppin has been on the scene for a while with their stylishly sleek and colorful office organizers. Only, the stores I regularly shop at for clients started stocking Poppin products recently, and thus it was that in the month of April I became personally acquainted with them.

Best parts: their line comes in just about every bold, statement-making, solid color, and their shape and overall style is neither feminine nor masculine, nor juvenile nor the opposite of that. They’re subtle and punchy all at the same time. Plus, I love how the set is meant to fit and work together— this can fit on top of that, and that other one is perfectly-sized to sit atop this one. You get me?

I recommend you find your perfect color match, play mix and match, and generally upgrade your desk situation.

2. Desktop Starter Set (Stapler, Tape Dispenser, Pens, Pen Cup)

Ditto the above description.  


3. Lipper International Bamboo Deep Kitchen Drawer Dividers 

(for shallower drawers: Lipper International Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers)

I’ve typed ad nauseam (a word which I can never spell in any form) about the plastic, white Dream Drawer organizers, but given scant love to these, the positively deserving bamboo version.

These are my go-to for any drawers that are wider and deeper than the white guys will accomodate, and always feel more appropriate in places like the kitchen, anyhow.

I spent a good chunk of April organizing kitchen drawers, and these featured prominently in most. Instant drawer sections; instantly neater drawer contents. 


4. White Expanding Kitchen Drawer Organizer

The kitchen drawers that didn’t get the bamboo divider treatment were those containing cutlery and cooking utensils. Trouble is, they seem to keep making kitchen drawers wider and wider with each construction site. Ergo, locating an organizer large enough for said drawer gets increasingly difficult.

These are not perfect and what’s not perfect about them is that they feel rawther cheap. They expand on either side, but the expandable sides are not actually connected to the main body, meaning that if you pull them too far apart, you’ll suddenly find yourself the owner of three separate sections and not one (not to be misunderstand as breaking the thing; you then Simply move the side sections back in a bit).

There, now that we’re all above board or whatever the expression is I can tell you: I use these despite the aforeblogged factors. The quality, luxury-lover that I am, I can’t deny the fact that these organizers are capable of filling out these dang wide drawers the way other (expandable!) organizers cannot. They have well-divided sections, they provide a nice, clean backdrop for your spatulas and what not, and I am generally happy to forgive them their flaws, for what they lack in luxury they more than make up for in width alone.


5. Hinged lid stackable boxes

These are members of the linus binz family tree I’m obsessed with-I’m sure of it. These, though, come with lids and they stack beautifully, which, I’ll admit, my open linus binz sadly do not. The size options available could ostensibly lend themselves to any sort of belonging–I used them in April to organize a client’s art supplies and another’s pantry area.


6. InterDesign Linus Pantry Organizer Binz, Divided

Beyond handy in the kitchen, this divided organizer is perfect for things like tea bags, flavoring packets, and so on. Done and done.  

7. simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can

These last two under-sink, pull-out trash cans straight up im-pressed me. I brought both 7 & 8 over to my client’s so that we could determine which would fit best, only it turned out they both fit under her sink, one on either side of her garbage disposal.

We decided, heck, why not install both if both will fit, and she went off to change a dirty diaper while I strapped in for the install. The drill was readied. The hammer was near. The bits and tips and thingybobs were on call. I took some deep breaths, pulled out the instruction manual and prepared to start sweating.

Boom. It was installed.

Like, wait, what just happened? Wasn’t that supposed to be harder? More involved? Necessitate much paper turning and wrinkling of the brow and, as I mentioned, sweat?

Apparently not. These things (both) went in so easily it was like flossing teeth. It was, after having reached the decision to proceed, painless. It was done in lightning speed. It was a tiny miracle.

Instruction and installation aside, these are made by simplehuman, which in my humble opinion is a brand that produces quality products consistently. Once in, they didn’t tilt or wobble, they glided (glode? glided? why does that sound so wierd?) easily–it was as if they had been custom-built and installed in the space. And really, what more could you ask for in a trash can?


8. simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out Recycler Trash Can

Didn’t you read? Ditto the above description.

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