Monday’s Meditation: On Fullness

April 15, 2013

I struggled to choose the topic of today’s meditation. It wasn’t due to lack of inspiration, but an over-abundance of it.

I have had the most wonderful past couple of weeks– my birthday, a visit from my sister, and then not three days later another from a dearest friend. There has been so much exploring of new areas, discovering of shops you’re quite sure were established with you in mind, basking in the luxury of dining out, of being in the company of soul mates, of talking deep and speaking sillies and laughing and laughing.

It’s left me contemplating myriad subjects, all of which felt like suitable candidates for a meditation post.

I thought to write about music, about how it never ceases to amaze me how a piece of music, when shared between two people even on just one occasion can become a powerful channel of connectivity ever after.

Somehow or other, most of the major players in my life can be represented by a song. To play one is to feel instantly connected to them.

If you’ve never experienced leaving or listening to a voicemail of “our song” playing, without even a hello or goodbye at the end because no explanation is required, you are severely missing out.

I wanted to write about friendship, as I do most of the time, because great friends are one of life’s most bountiful blessings, an unbending source of joy, happiness, and comfort.

I have been blessed throughout my life with the most steadfast, fulfilling friendships. The combination of so many birthday communications and visitors has left my inside, soul-y bits overflowing with appreciation for companions.

There is nothing like a friend who not only goes to the trouble of shipping a birthday package, but whose gift reflects just how well that friends knows you- right down to the quality of your pores or your penchant for striped goods. There is nothing quite like a friend who sojourns across the country to visit you, nor one who is content to do nothing more than watch you compulsively clean their makeup bag when they do.

There is no substitute for great friendships.

I wanted also to write about the art of receiving, and how important it is to be able to receive graciously and easily.

I am and have always been a champion at giving. Because I have so solidly occupied the role of giver and caretaker, I have found the position of receiver to be mightily uncomfortable.

But it’s all a seamless rhythm, see, this giving and taking business, and to avoid partaking in either one is to disrupt the harmonious balance of the universe.  So I have been working on this, on consciously becoming a more gracious receiver, on overcoming the fear of appearing needy and vulnerable. I am infinitely grateful to the individuals who, by giving to me, are helping me learn this lesson.

I wanted to remind you all that there are times to save and there are also most certainly times to spend, and that perhaps being able to distinguish between the two is the key to achieving some level of contentment.

I wanted to write about all these things, and then I realized that the overarching theme, the string that connected all these seemingly fragmented thoughts, was a feeling of fullness, of wholeness. The past couple weeks have left me feeling full up of love and gratitude and zest for life.

What I want more than anything today is to share this sense of wholeness and fullness with all of you. To urge you to inject your life this week with the things that contribute to your own version of wholeness, no matter how big or small. Treat yourself to the joy of fresh flowers, forget the passing of time while speaking to someone you love, shell out for a new pair of much needed kicks, make the speakers thump with the sound of the songs that you can’t fight the desire to dance to, give to others in any and every way you can, taking every opportunity to perform small kindnesses, and receive whatever is given to you with sincere thanks.

I believe that each one of us knows precisely what is required in order for us to feel full and whole. Your job is to ask yourself what it would take, and then listen to that smallest voice inside that knows the answer.

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