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August 30, 2013

Happy Friday, once again.

Today we’re ushered into the long weekend courtesy of Jacob Snavely Photo. I recently stumbled upon the NYC photog’s interiors portfolio and quickly fell into the vortex that is impeccably designed spaces combined with Snavely’s masterful eye. When I came to–some many moments later–I was convinced the trance-inducing images were blog worthy.

For starters, a kitchen. This one meets all my (by now overly-well-established) criteria: white, marble, carefully chosen fixtures, nailhead detailing, pastries on the counter, yadah yadah. What sets this space apart for me is the sense of coziness it exudes. Would you agree?

Followed by a slightly more spacious kitchen/ dining combo, adjacent a corner that manages to pull off that elusive comfy-glam combo.

Snavely’s eye catches all the delicate details in this room for a youngladything, silver bunny ears and glass jars of candy to boot.

But isn’t this just every girl’s fantasy; a throne of a bed in purpley-pink, replete with tufted headboard and turquoise piping. I mean, get a load of that.

Moving right along to the bathroom/dressing tables.

Wouldn’t you just love to powder your nose at one of those.

And as much as I worship a white kitchen, I do appreciate a rich, masculine study, especially when it contains such perfectly styled shelves.

Sir Snavely, I’d like to thank you for capturing this especially: a collage of mirrors, all in similar tones but slightly differing shapes. Now that is an interesting idea.

There are so many elements to take note of in the space captured by Jacob below, not the least of which happens to be the edge of the table. You seeing that?

And finally, a rather grand entrance, and a perfectly moody front porch shot.

And with that, I bid you adieu.

Take some time this weekend to contemplate your blessings and your goals, to tromp in the out of doors, and to consider finally purchasing an espresso machine and milk steamer, because it’s really time, don’t you think?

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