Organizing Product Favorites: June 2015

June 30, 2015

Just in time for July, the 7 organizing products I’ve been obsessed with all June-long. They’ve transformed pantries, upgraded closets, unearthed and corralled supplies–in short, they’ve changed lives. Get the scoop below.


7 must-have products hand-picked by a professional organizer!


Continuing on from last month’s chalk labeling kick…


1. Black Bin Clip Labels

These guys were a new release at the Container Store, and when I saw them I instantly clicked “add to cart.”

In some aspects they’re the upgraded version of the chalk tags included in last month’s favorites roundup. Whereas those could easily be used for more decorative purposes–gift wrapping or table-scaping, these feel a bit more permanent, a bit more like they’re actually intended to be used for labeling baskets and bins in an organizational capacity.

They clip right on to the front of your basket or bin, come with a little notecard that you could use to write on if you choose to go in that direction, or, can be written directly on with a chalk pen.


Speaking of which–


2. White Chalk Pen Wet Wipe Marker

In my opinion, if you’re going to do chalk labels, you’re going to need these chalk pens. 


I was a bit nervous that these baskets, which I’d chosen for my client’s pantry, might not be conducive to the aforeblogged chalk clip labels. Nay, they clipped right over those wires and the two together are a total knock out.


3. Wire Scoop Basket

Although I do so love my clear Linus Binz, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. And so it was that I decked out my client’s pantry in these wire baskets.

Things I love about them: The scoop, first of all, must not be under-valued. The scoop helps to make everything contained inside feel uber accessible.

The wire, itself, provides arguably just as good visibility as clear bins, albeit with a bit more industrial-come-cottage vibe.

One other big plus about these wire bins: they are the perfect balance of style and function. They have a bit more flavor than clear bins, being wire, but their bottom is still a flat surface, rather than being all bumpy and lumpy and not at all helpful in terms of things standing up straight inside, like some others.


4. 11-Peg Acrylic Necklace Rack

This is a no-brainer, stylish solution for hanging necklaces. Being acrylic, it keeps the attention on the jewelry, itself. My client and I used 2 of these in her dressing room, and I swear they made her neck ornaments look like some 3D art.

My one qualm about this is that it doesn’t come with screws to hang it up. And even though that makes me want to go, “Come on guys; you couldn’t throw in two little screws with that? Really?” I’m willing to overlook the oversight on the part of the manufacturer because in all other ways, this is easy breezy.


5. 6 Compartment Unbreakable Box 

One (I mean all) of my clients had a slew of batteries floating around her home office. They were all in various stages of being unpackaged, naturally.

I was all, I am going to get this battery situation handled, once and for all.

One big box or bin doesn’t do it, since it doesn’t enable sorting between kinds of batteries, and those standard issue battery organizers don’t cut it in terms of capacity.

What I needed was a box–preferably sturdy, something like unbreakable in the title would be cool, with interior compartments. And that’s how I discovered that this 6-compartment unbreakable box and batteries are the perfect combo.



7. White elfa utility Mesh Gift Packaging Door & Wall Rack Solution

We had this installed on my client’s closet door in May, but it wasn’t until this past month that I actually had the chance to play around with it a bit. Having done so, I have to give the appropriate props to the C.S.

It’s so perfectly engineered to house wrapping supplies. Holders for wrapping paper rolls, baskets for tissue, or cards or whatever, and a mini-peg rack that’s sort of the gold star of the affair, from which one can hang hooks for ribbon spools, handles of gift bags, scissors and so on, or little caddies to hold tape or gift tags.

That the entire thing is adjustable, from baskets to hooks to height of wrapping paper guides seals the deal.

(FYI: There are lots of variations of these door racks available, and they’re equally winning in pantry and general closet form.)

One note about this: it will rattle against the door very slightly unless you add some felt pads to the backsides of the baskets and board. But you do that and then you’re golden.


8. Mid-Century Mini Desk

My sissy was desperately in need of a desk. Not a large desk, and not one that would hold many, many office hours, but a desk, nonetheless.

West Elm has a lovely crop of desks currently, if you ask me, and this one is just about perfect. And so I showed it to her, she okayed, it was obtained, and voila–totally office-tastic. (Not to be confused with jojotastic.)

Its size is such that it can just as easily pose for an actual desk as it could a little mini vanity or entryway table. Plus, its drawer provides more storage space (albeit rawther shallow) than might initially meet the eye. The majority of my sister’s office-y things fit within and it looks so dang charming in her space we just about both lost our shit.


P.S. (A)/Non-organizing favorite:

I have been meaning to mention this Manduka PROLite Yoga Mat for the longest time. Seriously, since like January, which is well-past how long it’s been going amazingly strong for. I don’t do yoga, but I do use a mat for my workout six days a week, every week, and I do it wearing sneakers. Needless to say, I had begun to think of mats as pretty disposable before this one considering the frequency with which they’d get torn up, start flaking little mat-bits all over the floor. Not to mention the extent to which they’d show their dirt.

This mat so exceeds every other mat I’ve ever owned. The quality is superior in every way; it still wipes clean, it has yet to flake off a single flake, it’s nicely grippy, it’s, in short, the ideal mat.

I sort of balked at the price tag of it when I saw it at a local yoga studio, since every mat I’d bought before was probably a third of the cost of this one. But this mat is definitely a testament to the fact that not only do you get what you pay for, but also that often times you’re better off getting the real deal from the get-go than having to cycle through several inferior versions. Or at least, they almost always end up equaling out. And probably in the long term the better, more costly version will cost you less than the sucky one times however many sucky ones you go through.

Anyhow, word to the wise, for those who use mats and such.


What’s been your favorite thing(s), product or otherwise, this month, hmmm?



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