8 Paperless & Mighty Cool Memo Boards

April 1, 2014

Here I am, your faithful blogger, just trying to appease the masses (and by appease I mean organize).

This time the request came for non-disposable, non-ugly memo board offerings, and so here I am, delivering. It’s not DiGiorno, it’s Live Simply!

God I’m sorry.

But cool message boards! Onwards!

1. Chalk Tablet And Walnut Stand

2. Take Note Ceramic Chalkboard

3. Chalkboard 8.75 in. diam. Desk Globe

4. Stainless Steel Desktop To-Do Board

5. Talk Bubble White Board

6. Dry-erase Ceramic Message Board

7. Chalk Pad

8. Magnetic Monthly Memo Black

My personal favorite of the bunch has to be the chalkboard globe because I happen to be having a little thing with globes lately. Black in particular.

But enough about me, which one do you prefer? And what requests for future product roundups do you have? And do you want to hang out some time and I’ll organize your life? And I’m so tired okay bye.





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