8 First-Rate Step Stools

October 7, 2014

It’s come to my attention that far too few people have step stools at their ready disposal. There is, after all, little to no point in vertical storage space if said space is out of reach. I’m not talking Annie-height limitations either; as houses are made to house people they’re naturally greater in scale than their occupants.

Anything that gets stored on your tippy-top most shelves and highest-up cabinets best be the things you use most rarely, but still have definite necessity of. If you can’t easily reach those highest-storage heights you best be getting yourself a step stool. And if you can’t reach the highest points and you aren’t in possession of a step stool, you best not be storing anything up there at all.

So fun–it’s like an equation, see?

All that said, here are a smattering of mini-ladders to enable your reaching.

Every house needs a step stool! There's one for everyone here...


3-in-1 Step Stool in Beach House White/Coconut White

Best for: nurseries; bathrooms; rooms shared by people of differing height.

Zebra Step Stool

Best for: small humans who are found of the animal kingdom.

Step-Up Kitchen Helper

Best for: small humans who like/are being encouraged by their parents to help out in the kitchen.

Slimline 3 Step Ladder

Best for: senior citizens; those with weak arm strength; anyone who wants a really lightweight step stool in their lives.

Rhino II Folding Step Stool

Best for: short people that have to reach tall storage in other people’s houses every day but who don’t want to waste an average of 10 minutes at each house requesting use of respective homeowners’ own step stools; folding up and carrying in one’s handbag.

Cappuccino Folding Step Stool

Best for: walk-in closets; use in kitchens; walk-in pantries.

Distressed Wood Step Stool

Best for: nothing really specific comes to mind, actually. Versatile!

Teak step stool

Best for: those conscious of aesthetics.

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