Message Board: Busy Household Must-Have

September 8, 2015

It’s happened: the boys are back in town and the kids are back in school. More the second thing than the first, in all fairness.

With school comes extra curricular activities and sports games and parent meetings and on and on. And then there’s homework and deadlines and forms to be signed, plus the year round grandeur of mail and invitations and meal planning.

Families today can be more like very busy ships passing rapidly in the night and day than roommates.

How’s a pop to pass along the message to ravenous school children that dinner’s in the fridge? A mom to remind her offspring to bring their wellies on Wednesday for that field trip to the swamp? (How’s she to remember that, herself, for that matter?)

Hi–the message board.

Smartly placed and responsibly utilized, the message board is the perfect tool for facilitating familial communication about schedules, commitments, and the like.

Or, you know, leaving love notes. Never, ever, under any circumstances, overlook the value of the L.N.


Thing your family needs to survive this school year with sanity in tact: a message board.

1. Georgina Ornate Chalkboard

2. ‘SnapShot’ Message Board

3. Threshold Entryway Organizer with Dry Erase Board, Mail Sorter and Hooks

4. Petal Lane Magnetic Chalkboard Counter Easel

5. Nate Berkus Magnetic Chalkboard

6. Three by Three Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Weekly Planner

7. Stanton Utility System Magnetic Board, 16″ X 16″

8. Three By Three Seattle Magnetic Dry Erase Board

9. Universal Expert Notice Board

10. Three By Three Seattle Sort It Out! Chalkboard, Wall Caddy







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