9 Wall Hooks To Hang In Style

May 8, 2014

In my infinite quest to motivate the people of the world to keep their belongings off of the floor, I present unto you a small bunch of wall hooks.

Hooks being the instruments one might employ from which to hang various articles, these qualify as floor-relievers. Nay, these hooks are more. These hooks, you see, are decorative in nature, and therefore provide you both a way to suspend your stuff and a way to inject a bit of style into the mix in a manner that reads other than the Depot of Home (no hate, mad props D.O.M.)

Two birds with one stone and such:

Decorative wall hooks are such an easy way to add function and style into your home. The hardest part will be choosing which to get...

1. Streamline Hook

2. Marquee Letter Hook

3. Reclaimed Wood Hook Rack

4. Anchors Away Hook

5. Lucky Break Wishbone Wall Hook

6. Magical Thinking Geo-Shaped Hook

7. Rope Hooks

8. Petal Hook

9. Brass Round Wall Hooks

Has it occurred to anyone else what an awful expression, in fact, that is? To whom is it a bonus to murder multiple winged creatures with minimal weaponry anyway?

These LSBA posts I tell ya, they really get you thinking.

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