8 Cutting Boards That Do More

April 22, 2014

A cutting board is a kitchen staple; on that I’m sure we can all agree. At least for kitchens in which actual cooking happens, anyway.

It strikes me (as I’m scavenging through kitchens the world round) that given the ubiquity of the board, there is surprisingly little consideration accorded them. A board is not a board is not a board, I’m afraid.

There are myriad boards that do so much more than just lay there and tolerate your slicing, and I think it’s high time we make sure our boards are packing as much punch as possible.

I need one of these! --> 8 Cutting Boards That Do More

1. CTA Digital Bamboo Cutting Board – This fancypants cutting board offers not merely a chopping surface, but a docking station for your iPad and storage for your knives (also available with a screen shield). Also: a miniature parachute for rescuing stray, flying veggie bits.

2. Joseph Joseph Chop 2 Pot Plus Chopping Board – The most genius solution for the dilemma of how to transfer your ingredients into the cooking vessel of your choice once chopped. Who else ends up with half the onion on the floor without?

3. Joseph Joseph Rinse and chop Chopping Board and Colander – A slight variation on numero 2, this version also folds up to create a colander. Innovation!

4. Chef’n PrepStation, 3-in-1 Cutting Board – This bamboo cutting board comes with a collapsible colander and transfer tray, both of which slide neatly away.

5. Catskill Craft Cutting Board with Tray – A handy board that comes with 3 separate transfer trays–kitchen prep just got so Live Simply.

6. Joseph Joseph Large Cut and Carve Plus Multi-Function Chopping Board – A board designed with function in mind: a grip in the middle for easier slicing, an angled edge to collect juices, and non-slip feet.

7. Totally Bamboo 20-1731 Over Sink Cutting Board with Green Silicone Colander – Fit this cutting board over your sink and you can clean and chop simultaneously. Or, remove the colander to be used in the sink and put the board wherever your heart desires.

8. Storage Cutting Board, Acacia – Looks and brains, that’s what this guy has. Your sliced food gets easily directed into the removable tray resting beneath.

And thus I implore you– get yourself a board that does more! Because you can.

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  1. […] week we covered cutting boards that do more than just lie […]

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  1. […] week we covered cutting boards that do more than just lie […]

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