Two Stellar Services To Help You Get Rid of Junk Mail

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I come to you today, humble servant, bearer of the good word:

There are services one might employ to instigate the removal of junk mail, both virtual and the real life kind. Here are two.

According to the little scrap of magazine pinned this week up on my bulletin board, I came across in the December 2012 issue of InStyle. Evidently I’ve been meaning to share its existence here since then, but you know, there have been other pressing things to write about like binder clips, for example, or dog washing entryway stations. You know, the really important stuff.

Languidness aside, Unroll is truly a superior service in my opinion. Enter your email address and scans your inbox, informing you of the staggering number of subscription lists you’re on within mere moments. You can then easily unsubscribe, or opt to add the subscription into your Rollup email. The Rollup email bundles all your individual subscriptions into one message, which you can select how frequently you wish to receive.

As if that wasn’t enough, sends you a message alerting you of newly added subscriptions. Nip those in the bud if they’re lists that you ended up on through no accord of your own, but through the constant process of buying and selling personal information companies do. 

Catalogue Choice

After opening my mailbox to find yet another letter from Comcast Business, after the zealous 3,200 they’ve sent me previously, I decided enough was way too damn much. To begin with, I don’t even have Comcast, and to second that, you’re raining on my Live Simply CB, you know? I went in search of solutions.  

For eliminating junk mail that gets delivered to your mailbox, like by a postal worker, Catalogue Choice is a nifty service. Create a profile and then select the company whose list you want to opt out of from the 8,000 some that CC works with–this includes catalogues, credit card offers, coupon packs and more. CC then acts on your behalf, ensuring your opt-out gets processed. While the removal of your name doesn’t happen instantaneously, you can track the opt-out’s progress, and you can alert CC if you receive the mail again, whereupon they will follow up with the company.

I submitted my opt-out just days ago, so I can’t yet speak to the effectiveness of the service, but CC does not good marks across the interwebs, suggesting an empty box is immanent. While we’re on the matter of personal endorsement, I will clarify for good measure that I also use and have been supremely impressed.

I know there are a variety of other similar services, and if you’ve used, and had great success, with one I’m sure we’d all been keen to know about it.  

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