15 Brilliant New Uses For Binder Clips

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

After writing yesterday’s post about the superiority of binder clips to paper clips, I sort of fell down the well. That is, my own post worked so effectively on me that afterwards I was left marveling at the genius of the binder clip.

Really, when you think about it, it is truly fantastic in design: a remarkable amount of tension contained in a sleek, compact, smaller than my palm-sized frame. 

When you think about it some more–which it’s becoming increasingly obvious that I did– it occurs to you that the limit of scenarios in which the binder clip might be useful seems infinite. Some particular uses are admittedly more ghetto than others (I’m looking at you binder-clip-as-a-money-clip, also: binder-clip-as-a-cufflink) and as a proponent of beauty and aesthetics, I cannot wholly abide those. But the point is: in a jam, a binder clip is apt to solve nearly any quandary. 

Now that I have you at the edge of your seats, heads leant over so as to be practically knocking into the computer screen with curiosity, I shall provide you with a guided tour of the binder clip’s versatility. 1. Binder Clip As Art Hanger 

A common use, the binder clip as art hanger is especially popular among the peoples, who seem to embrace it as more than merely a functional method for hanging a piece of art on the wall, but also appreciate the nod to minimalism achieved in the process–the slightly I couldn’t be bothered to hang these for real and none of the cool kids are doing that anyways these days.

Practically speaking, this method of hanging does provide maximum flexibility. It is therefore quite conducive to those who are of an especially fickle mindset, or are children, the latter set apt as they are to create art at such a rapid pace that taking permanent wall-mounting measures seems drastic, or foolish, or both. 

(clockwise from top left): Caitlin WilsonMonomoda viaA Beautiful Mess , bjorn wallander via Country Living

2. The Binder Clip As Art/ Postcard/Card Display 

Same same but different to the aforeblogged use, the binder clip can also come quite in handy when one wishes to display smaller paper artifacts, such as reminder notes, inspiration clippings, holiday or otherwise cards.

Martha Stewart, Real Simple(bottom right),  Smaller Sarah (bottom left)

3. The Binder Clip As Pseudo-Chip Clip

An obvious substitute for the proper thing: a binder clip can operate as a chip clip any old day. 

(top to bottom): Steven and Chris, Crafty Dad

4. The Binder Clip As Toothpaste Tube Squeezer 

Because nothing’s more frustrating than wrestling with a near-empty tube of toothpaste, use a binder clip to roll up the excess tube, thereby trapping the remaining paste at the top. 

Magpie Musing 

5. The Binder Clip As Garbage Bag Holder-Upper  

If your trash bags are in the habit of slipping down like loose socks that end up sagging around your ankles, then you may want to think about clamping a clip on that. But not sock suspenders. Ever. 

Color Me Domestic 

6. The Binder Clip As Place Card

I know, it sounds a bit of a stretch, and I was unconvinced initially as well. But darn it if the crafty people of the internet didn’t find some ways to make the binder clip chic enough to join the assemblage of a table scape. I’ve got to give it to them, these look pretty good to me.

Erin Clayton Photography via Offbeat BrideAmy Bayliss (bottom left), Taylor’d Events (bottom right)

7. The Binder Clip As Recipe Holder

Below are two iterations of the binder clip melding with the cooking process. The first, at left, illustrates the binder clip as a stand for recipe cards. The second, an ingenius method for keeping cookbooks open to the right page. Both work marvelously well (in theory) to keep the cooking instructions in sight, without getting your goobery fingers all over them. 

Martha Stewart, via Mother Nature Network

8. The Binder Clip As Label Displayer

The owner of the albums below professes her tendency to change her mind when it comes to the contents of said albums, or the designs for the labels, or both. To enable frequent mind-changing, she uses binder clips to attach the labels, thereby making it easy to remove and swap them in the future. 

Jenni Bowlin Studio 

9. The Binder Clip As Napkin Holder

Proper dinner napkins are lovely at the table, and rather less so to store. A binder clip ensures all the individual napkins from a particular set stay together, enabling you to grab the whole stack and get to setting the table. (I do wonder at the indentation issue, and the guest at your fancy dinner party who looks down at her napkin and thinks, “That’s funny, this imprint almost looks like a binder clip.”)

(top to bottom): Real Simple,  BHG

10. Binder Clip as Cable Catcher 

The binder clip as a cable catcher is a fairly brilliant, albeit not overwhelming beautiful, usage. Regardless, the luxury of having your cords perpetually in reach, rather than a floor hunt away is not to be under valued. 

Mi Casa, unknown, unknown 

11. Binder Clip As Cable Wrap

Another case of the same same but different: the binder clip can also work wondrously to keep cords wrapped up neatly, thereby Simplifying both storing and transporting them. 


12. Binder Clip As Ribbon Organizer 

Ribbon can be a big nuisance to keep contained. It all comes down to the securing of The End, and if you try your hands at using tape, you’re sure to waste a good few inches of the stuff. A binder clip, though, will easily keep bundles of ribbons, wrapping paper, et al neat.  

Enjoyer of Grace, Imperfect Homemaking

13. Binder Clip as Boot Hanger (also: # 8)

This entryway is exceptional in many ways, not the least of which is the solution it features for keeping boots in order. 

Sasa Antic via Apartment Therapy 

14. Binder Clip As Paint Organizer 

Finally an end to the quandary of how to (truly effectively) store all your paints!

Nick Jainschigg

15. Binder Clip As Modular Shelving Unit Fastener

This last one is an example that never would have occurred to me without The Google, but again, the powers of the internet prevail. Evidently, you take some modular cubes, be them cardboard, wood, or other stuff, and you clamp them together with binder clips, and then all of a sudden you have a shelving unit. These people, really. 

via Remodelista, Mi Casa

What crazy smart uses have I left off that you’ve invented or seen around? 


15 thoughts on “15 Brilliant New Uses For Binder Clips

  1. Smash

    I love that computer cord trick. I think it’s such a cute way to display art, especially with those old-school all silver clips. So glad to have found your blog! xx

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  5. Joanne Sgrignoli

    I use a binder clip to hold my out garden flag in place so that it doesn’t blow off the bar it hangs from. When it gets rusty I put a new one on.

    About the binder clips and cords: my dad was an electrician and always told us not to wind cords tightly, as it can result in the wires breaking.

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  7. Lesley

    Amazing! I have used them to hang curtains. It was 15 years ago and I knew them as alligator clips. No fuss over rods and hardware. I also used fabric that was deeply discounted. That was as far as I got. Thanks for expanding my mind!


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