The Crucial Mistake Savvy Shoppers Never Make

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The crucial mistake savvy shoppers NEVER make!

How much it costs has absolutely nothing to do with it. 

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: the price tag has everything to do with everything! 

The price tag determined by a retailer does not necessarily (at all!) dictate what that item will really cost you.

What will adding another toy, another item of clothing, another book cost you and your household? Will it be the thing that tips the scales–from living within your spatial means to exceeding them–and in that case, have a much higher price ultimately than it did in its merchandise iteration? 

The savvy shopper is one who takes into consideration both the price assigned by a company or shop and the price of ownership.  

The savviest shopper is one whose purchases are most unswayed by retail price, and most deeply rooted in a realistic sense of need and desire, and the knowledge of how any given item will affect and play into the rest of their lives.

That something is cheap is not nearly a good enough reason why you should buy it and bring it home with you. That you don’t have to linger and think and really deliberate on whether or not something is worth it is usually a bad thing, not a good one. 

When I ask you how you came to get it and why you choose to bring it home, you better list at least five good, thoughtful reasons before you even mention price. That’s all I’m saying. Price alone is never reason enough, because the world’s price tag is never guaranteed to mirror your own. 

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6 thoughts on “The Crucial Mistake Savvy Shoppers Never Make

  1. Terry Ivan

    I love your blog Annie.
    Your advice and insight are phenomenal.
    Thank you for the Monday ‘quotes’. I enjoy them so much and send them off to my Grandchildren!! ;O)
    The shopping blogs are wonderful…send those off to certain people too.
    Keep on with this blog/site.

  2. Meghan

    Thank you! I am in the process editing my wardrobe and I have noticed that almost all of my clothing “mistakes” (that are now being donated) were bought because I thought they were a good price. I want to shop very selectively going forward and this article will help me to do so.

  3. pvedesign

    Just listened to the pod cast on Jess Lively with “un-fancy” and she was very inspiring to cull down what you wear to a minimum of pieces. love your blog and your aesthetic and tips.

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  5. Kris

    Dear Annie,
    Whenever I go shopping for something, I ask myself; What do I need? Another pair of Jeans, or 2 great bras? Most of us can figure that one out. Also, remembering that shopping means bringing mass into the home and the burden of making it fit. Hey, the new item has to go “somewhere”, which gives me pause long enough to be real about amassing more, or more of the wrong item. Your stories are uplifting. Our family moved ever 1-2 yrs until I was 12. So, guess who is really adept at packing, and re-arranging everything. Your honesty is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing of yourself and your life.

    1. Annie Post author

      Thank you for this rock-star comment, Kris! Your voice is equally a breath of fresh air. I’m so proud of you for how diligent and thoughtful you are about what you bring into your home and your life. Moving every 1-2 years seems to have instilled you with an amazing ability to prioritize. xx


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