The No Closet Garment Rack Closet (19 Winning Examples + Where To Buy Them)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[One of the most consistently read posts here on LS is the one titled No Closet? No Worries; 4 Options for Faking It. That this is one of the most highly sought posts comes as no surprise to all of us, I’m sure. As of late, I’ve been getting a great many requests to elaborate on the post by way of specifics. I sense such lost souls/closet lack-ers are looking for more direction a la, “This is what it can look like, see?” And, “Here, buy this one.” And so, in the interest of being of maximum service, I’m elaborating on the four options in four separate posts, each one ripe with particulars.]

I shall now attempt to convince you of how useful and (dare I say it?) glam the clothing rack closet can be by bombarding your eyeballs with the following 19 examples.

1. Rachel of A Beautiful Mess took an under-used corner, added a garment rack, some unobtrusive shoe shelves, and a few hooks for accessories and ended up with an almost bona-fide closet space.

The No Closet Garment Rack Closet (19 Winning Examples + Where To Buy Them) // Live Simply by Annie

2. Sophia of Fashionphia comes at the no-closet dilemma from all angles: two garment racks constitute the majority of clothing storage, while a hanging organizer holds accessories, and an added dresser provides a place for additional folded items, as well as jewelry and a bit of makeup. 

3. Christina of Passions For Fashion enlisted the help of her mister to construct this garment rack–one that is surely long enough to hang all the clothes.

The No Closet Garment Rack Closet (19 Winning Examples + Where To Buy Them) // Live Simply by Annie

4. Beth via Oh Joy! uses the benefit of staggering heights to create the feel of a more multi-dimensional closet. Plus, lowering the second rack allowes her to make use of the shelf atop it.

The No Closet Garment Rack Closet (19 Winning Examples + Where To Buy Them) // Live Simply by Annie

5. Alaina of Live Creating Yourself combines a garment rack, a vertical bookshelf for shoe storage, and a dresser to complete a closet out of thin air.

6. Maria of Vanilla Scented a corner come closet created by strategic situation of clothing rack to create a separate area.

7. M-occa‘s approach is one I can get behind. It’s realistic, easy, and neat. One clothing rack w. shelf + one shelf unit = hanging, folded, and shoes, handled.

8. Heidi Lundsgaard just went ahead and lined a wall in garment rack.

9. And Valerie Killeen (via Refinery 29) did much the same. Two garment racks side by side provide generous clothing storage space, while the flag tell us: hey, she’s a patriot!

10. Kate Foley (via Refinery 29) got herself a rack with shelf, and now she has clothing hung and shoes off the floor.

11. Sarah Sherman Samuel DIY’s the garment rack with impressive results. 

12. Rachel of Smile and Wave took the clothing rack and turned it into Trix (for kids).

13. Lea of Butik Noe‘s (via Jamaica Byles) closet gets my nod as one of the winningest of the bunch. Two garment racks provide ample opportunity for clothes hanging, and are scooted right up against the wall so as not to eat up any unnecessary space. At the base, lady Lea has two wooden cubby units on casters, giving her the perfect place to keep shoes, bags, and ostensibly also folded items.

And it’s all just squeezed into her bedroom:

14. Lisa Marie of Up The Wooden Hills (via Fine Little Day 1 & 2; Sofia Bystrom for Up The Wooden Hills) makes one thing abundantly clear: sometimes, you’ve just gotta put them wherever you can, even if it’s not in one place.  

15. Douglas Friedman ensures us that clothing rack closets aren’t just for ladies.

16. And Crate and Barrel emphasizes the point further.

17. Jenna Lyons (in Domino Magazine via Habitually Chic) is here to dispel the notion that clothing rack closets are less than preferable; indeed, despite having what must be a generously sized space, she appears to willingly opt for the garment rack route.

18. Following suit is Olivia Palermo (via Stylecaster).

19. Finally, Monica Rose (via The Coveteur) proves that one doesn’t need any pre-established closet space in order to attain one. With a combination of racks and free-standing shelf units, she assembles a rather perfect clothing storage corner.

And now, it’s onto the goods. If you, dear antelope, are woe-as-me-ing your way through life, so lacking in a closet as you are, cheer up–the answer is only a rack away:

1. Woodland Imports Clothing Rack

2. Ikea Rigga Clothes Rack

3. Rolling Closet Rack

4. Z Rack Garment Rack with Nesting Orange Base

5. Pipeline Clothing Rack, Mango

6. Double Rail Garment Clothing Rack with V-Brace

7. Whitmor Supreme Garment Rack

8. Collapsible Clothing Rack-Commercial Grade

9. Double Hang Garment Rack 

10. Dual Rod Collapsible Garment Rack on Wheels

11. Uptown 6-Drawer Dressing Chest

12. Dual Bar Adjustable Garment Rack

13. Rolling Garment Shelves Rack

 14. Whitmor Double Rod Closet

 15. Seville Classics Heavy-Duty Steel Expandable Closet Organizer

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