Favorite This: 2016!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

For the first time this year, I find myself stumped with how to begin this post. The risk of sounding trite or contrived or whiny is all too apparent to me. Nonetheless:

I want to express, from the deepest cavities of my heart and the noodle-iest parts of my brain, my sincere gratitude to you for reading the Live Simply blog and being an integral member of our Simplifier internet family.

It hasn’t been quite easy this year. In fact, I think it’s been the most challenging year of blogging, yet.

My first serious website hack went down in February, and a whole slew of both major and slight security and general site hiccups have pervaded this year of the blog. Mailchimp (my email subscription delivery service) and I have been feuding in a big way; it’s gotta so bad that the Chimp won’t even show up to couples counseling or anything. He just lurks on the internet, fickle, elusive, frustrating.

Frustrating! Can I tell you how frustrating it’s been to write a blog post, nay, to slave away at the keyboard, only to have automated systems fail us?! Or, let me tell you about how bewildering and strangely saddening it’s been to very seriously want to show up for all of you with a post, but to be unable to access the backend of my site??

But there’s a ray of sunshine on the horizon, in the form of an extremely exciting something launching very soon. Stay tuned…

Plus, all next week and the week after are the much-anticipated (?) top posts of the year; I know you don’t want to miss out on that

A professional organizer's favorite organizing products--you can't miss with the items on this list!

And now, as advertised–finally–a list of the things, in no particular order, I loved the pants off of in 2016!

1. These and these made moving countless pieces of clients’ unruly furniture effortless, and made me look like a superhero in the process (Unwarranted, but I’ll accept it.).  

2. These are my new (as of this year) handbag/workbag essential secret weapon/savior.

3. This year, Dyson and I really took our relationship to the next level. #codependentlyeverafter.

4. I think I should be an ambassador for KT Tape at this point. Or, VIP customer, at least. But I’m convinced it’s a miracle product, can’t count the number of times it’s saved me in the clutch at this point, and can’t believe more people don’t know about it. 

5. This filing cabinet. Always and forever and over again. Arguably the best looking and functioning and most reasonably priced offering around. They’re going to give me stock any day now, I’m sure of it. If you need one, stop faffing around and just order one of these. 

6. These, with their striking and just-soft-enough covers, and nicely spaced lined pages, have been my mainstay note-taking and list-making notebooks all year long.

7. Rub ‘n Restore.

8. The trash can equivalent to the filing cabinet mentioned above, this is a complete stand-out for me; I have two in my own house, and have installed too many to keep count of in client’s homes at this point.  

9. These. In every room. It’s getting embarrassing, but also extremely pleasing. 

10. Incorporating this into my life this year has been such a positive, non-messy, non-makeup disrupting revelation. Also: it works! 

11. Ditto this, though I’m sure any other version would do as well. (Here’s why.)

12. And ditto this (the why on that one).


Let me know if you get the chance to try out any of the products mentioned here.

And now, I want to hear from you: what two things made the difference for you in 2016??

Leave a comment passing on the gospel and we’ll all be mightily grateful.



3 thoughts on “Favorite This: 2016!

  1. DDU

    Thank you, Annie, for inspiring me to consider more fully how I live and why I have all this stuff. Lifesavers for me this year: Zero Water dispenser, because a chemical-free, richly hydrated woman can imagine anything and do anything; and my gym, because knowing I can bench-press one hundred pounds strengthens my resolve and focus, as well as my upper body. Best wishes!

    1. Annie Post author

      Let me just retroactively add this comment to my favorites list! You are too cool for school. I love everything you wrote. GO LADY GO!!!!


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