Stop Making This Mistake; Simplify Your Whole Space

January 17, 2017

There’s a certain type of “organizing” mistake that pains me more than most. It’s when people mistakenly think they should be organizing their clutter.

These well-intentioned souls are obedient in nature, and tend to believe that since objects have come into their possession, it is their duty to not only hold on to them, but to accomodate them properly.

Major insight into this all-too-common organizing mistake. A game changer!

They approach the process of Simplifying first through the lens of organization, rather than editing. They head to the store to pick up a few more organizing products prior to taking an intentional look at what they own and why (cardinal sin).

They are more apt, for example, to dutifully purchase paper trays to house their extensive collection of stationary than they are to ask themselves, “Do I even need all this paper? When was the last time I even sent a hand-written note?”

They work hard, in other words, to manage well the stuff they don’t actually want or need, and few things in Simply-land are as tragic a thing as that.

While people who organize their clutter are similar to those suffering from buy-another-bin-itis, they are decidedly different; another-bin-ers are seeking primarily to delay difficult decisions and avoid the sight of what causes them stress. Clutter-organizers attempt to actively manage what they own and to ensure what they see on a daily basis looks more controlled.

Both, though, are not engaging in the most crucial and beautiful act which is–let’s say it all together–editing.

If you have been organizing your clutter, i.e. spending time and effort and money on maintaining what you may not actually want or need, waste no time on shaming yourself. Realize that your mistake was Simply a flaw in your order of operations. And commit to begin anew with editing, first and foremost. Only after you’ve done that can you turn your attention to how best to organize what you’ve kept.



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