Space Saving Storage Strategy: The Nesting Effect

November 28, 2012

That title is so pumped full with alliteration your inner grammarian probably started doing instantaneous cartwheels and if you get nothing else out of today’s post all is not lost cause hey, you got that.

But back to the topic proceeding the colon; nesting is a surefire way to save space when storing any number of goods. Think of nesting dolls– you have one doll and you’re all, “cool, a doll.” And then seven more dolls emerge from the belly of the first and you’re all, “Holy molasses!! Eight dolls! Now I can… put them all back in the biggest one.”

Attempt to nest any items which you possess in varying sizes. Suitcases, seen below, are a prime candidate for nesting.

As are kitchen things like mixing bowls:

Pots and pans:


Baskets, too:

Heck, why stop at the small stuff? Get some nesting tables while you’re at it:

Items purchased in sets are most likely nest-able, and might be worth your investing in the whole bunch if you need to save on storage space (think the afore-blogged kitchen accessories). For those things that aren’t sold in sets, you might try constructing your own by buying different sizes (think the baskets seen above). That way, even when not in use, things will easily stack within each other and not cause you to sacrifice sacred space.

What have you nested lately?

Image credits: p.hawkinsbead, Food Network, Crate & Barrel, Todd Waterbury via The Pea Green Boat, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel via Love Where you LiveBHG, Joss and Main

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  1. […] seal. Uniform. Nest-able. […]

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  1. […] seal. Uniform. Nest-able. […]

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