It’s The Small Things: Sticker Lifter

May 22, 2014

{A quaint series on the small things making my work and life happier and easier.}

When you remove as many product sticker labels as I do, you start to deplore your nails’ haggard status. You start to daydream about the widespread popularity that would surely result from your launching a “Save The Nails!” campaign. And how the suit against Product Packaging would almost certainly ascend its way to the Supremes, how you’d be called to testify: little Annie, standing on her step stool in order to reach the microphone all, “Your Honors, it’s about my nails, see? Something’s got to change!” It would be groundbreaking legislation, and years from now, people would marvel, “to think it all started with a fingernail.”

And so one day, as I was waiting to check out at The Container Store–having been sent down to “Bay B” as one will, if one has such large orders as I do, which is sort of like the retail equivalent to being picked last for an organized team sport or something, but I digress–I casually perused the impulse merchandise section as one does. My eyes settled upon one package amidst the rest; the Sticker Lifter came with a travel size bottle of goo gone and a dumb little white spatula thing.

This will save your fingernails. The sticker lifter!

Scoop, swoosh, into the cart it. I did it for the nails.

When I got home, I unwrapped the duo, deposited them into my work bag, and then carried on with my life.

It must have been about a week later when I found myself with more pantry bin labels to remove than I had nails to shred through. It seemed familiar…”spatula,” “save the nails,” “something about lifting the stickers–that’s right! I bought some dumb thing that’s supposed to help with this!”

I scurried over to my workbag like a something really excited to get a something else (here, a fun mad-lib type moment! Fill in the LSBA metaphor!). And then I proceeded to remove every label from every bin with the very greatest of ease, marveling all the while at how such a tiny dumb thing as this could provide such incomparable assistance.

This will save your fingernails. The sticker lifter!

Think of it as an extension of your own digit, a giant thumb-nail that’s without the ability to feel pain, and much more durable than condensed keratin.

It asks your thumb to sit politely atop its perch (on the indent) and then you just scrape, scrape, scrape until that sucker is gone.

It’s completely ridiculous and also not that this sticker lifter has become a work essential, having earned prime placement in the Live Simply work bag, having been used on every installation of product.

For some check-out station doo-hickey it impresses mightily.

That there’s the lowdown on one small thing giving me the hoo-has of happiness and ease.

Now, how dumb was that.

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