Storage Baskets For Fresh Fruits and Veggies

July 24, 2013

Most normal people prefer to eat produce that is ripe (I am not most people, and so I promptly put my peaches in the fridge in the hopes of paralyzing the ripening process, therefore prolonging the peach’s apple-like crunch). In order for the produce to reach optimal ripeness, those normal people will store produce at room temperature.

(There is also the case of fruits and veggies which aren’t meant to be stored in the fridge, as the cold temperatures mess with their sensitive textures and whatnot).

In either case, the produce requires a place to sit out. This is fine, if you have just one avocado. Less fine when you’re fresh off a farmer’s market buying binge, yourself now in possession of a modest year’s harvest. You could just sprawl those fruits and veggies out on the counter like cars in a parking lot– no one will scold you for that. But wouldn’t it be nice if maybe you had a place to put said produce? Wouldn’t that be just like, so civilized?

Well I think so and that’s enough around here and so! Here are some options for corralling produce:

1. Farmers Market Basket These ceramic baskets are bright and cheery, and could easily double as berry serve ware.

2. Anderson Tray The perfect brand new but really cool rustic looking wire baskets, that get my vote due to their solid wooden bottom (because sometimes a ripe plum just needs a non-grooved surface on which to sit, you know?).

3. Rattan and Silver Metal Round Basket If you’re on the fancier side of things, this basket is sure to please. Use it as a centerpiece, too, hey, look at you!

4. York Open Stack Basket A great option for standard storage– these open baskets have edges that can fold in, allowing you to stack multiple baskets on top.

5. Hand-Braided Apple Baskets These will not only store your apples and other produce, but possible convince your guests that you actually harvested them yourself. You green thumb, you.

6. Pink Round Michelle Basket Because when you run out of produce, an empty basket can just look so sad. But at least with these, pink! You know.

7. Whitney 3-Tier Basket A good solution for those who buy a look at produce at one time, and have space for a larger basket situation.

8. Farmer’s Market Epergne Maybe my favorite of the bunch. 3 tiers, not too cumbersome, just right.

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