Shop Simply: Rosanna Decorative Trays

September 18, 2013

Rare is it for retail to exist as the main motive behind a Live Simply post, such was my instantly smitten state when I happened upon the Rosanna line of decorative trays. Helped in no small part by my recent jaunt to France, I experienced minor heart palpitations as I scrolled through the collection, finding each one to be more charming than the one before it.

It gets better. Not only are they ridiculously delightful and French-y, they’re also sans wallet-wounding, ranging in price from roughly $10-$25. I know, I know, call me the organizational archangel sent from above, I can tell you want to.

The sealer of the deal for me: turns out Rosanna, Mademoiselle designer, cohabits the Seattleland (fear not, staunch courting efforts on my part already in the works).

Summation being, I’m sold and I see no reason why you shouldn’t be as well. Just hop on over and buy one already because sometimes the very wisest thing a person might do is treat themselves.


1. Rosanna Flashcard House Tray

2. Rosanna Voyage Italy Postcard Tray

3. Rosanna Voyage Le Grand Normand Tray

4. Rosanna Voyage Blanche Hotel Tray

5. Rosanna Voyage Petit Mousse Tray

6. Rosanna Voyage Hotel de Florence Tray

7. Rosanna Flashcard Ice Cream Tray

8. Rosanna Voyage Hotel Paris Tray

9. Rosanna Voyage Paris Map Tray

10. Rosanna Voyage Bohy Paris Tray

11. Rosanna Voyage La Pierrette Tray

12. Rosanna Voyage Cognac Vieux Tray

13. Rosanna Flashcard Keys Tray    


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