Live Simply In May: Decisiveness

May 1, 2022

There are no wrong decisions.

I’ll say that again: there are no wrong decisions.

You cannot choose wrongly, because either way, you benefit.

If you make a decision and the outcome is exceedingly positive, you will have moved your life forward and will feel victorious.

If you make a decision and the outcome is seemingly negative, you will have earned yourself an important lesson, and thus, moved your life forward.

The key to being able to decide is to be at peace with not having all of the information, and deciding anyway. Because even when you’ve done your due diligence, and you’ve collected the data, and you’ve surveyed the landscape, there will still be unknown variables. You can’t know what you don’t yet know until you know it.

If you feel you need to date all of the available men or women before you can know for sure whether or not someone is the right fit for you, you will likely be single for the foreseeable. If you’re so driven by anxiety that you feel you need to see every last sofa on the market before you can purchase one, you likely won’t be sitting on a new sofa anytime soon.

Yes, the whole world is hypothetically available to you. Sure, every potential exists on some realm. But you simply cannot explore every possibility.

All you can ever do is use what you know now to make the best, most intuitive, most loving decision you can.

The more you clearly define your values and goals, the easier it becomes to make decisions around those things.

Still, some things will pan out, and others won’t. Either way, you will be fine.

So long as you’re not intent on punishing yourself later for not having been able to predict the future, you cannot go wrong.

There is a time for stillness, reflection and careful contemplation. But eventually, the boldness to make a decision is required for growth, while avoiding decisions keeps you stuck and stagnant.

Avoiding making a decision is leading with doubt and fear. It is a disconnection from your intuitive knowing. Indecision is, itself, the fear of choosing wrong.

Not choosing then, is a form of choosing, in that you allow fear to dictate the course of your life.

You won’t ever know it all. There may be times when you feel like you’re aiming blindly, like you don’t know what you’re doing at all. But you always know enough, and, as we well know, enough is plenty.

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