Holiday Gift Organizing

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to those celebrating today!

Just stopping in with a quick tip about how to keep your holiday gifts organized once they’ve been unwrapped.

Any one of us who’s ever attended a birthday party will know that when just one person opens a couple of presents it can result in heaps of tissue paper, stay ribbons, ripped envelopes, and general chaos. That’s well enough when all the extracted presents belong to the same person. But when a gift exchange goes down in a larger group setting– say, a holiday party– it can become tricky to keep track of which presents belong to whom and where they came from.

To avoid any confusion, make sure you have some labels (these Avery Rectangular Color Coding Labels) on hand this holiday season. After the gift wrapping has been shed, the obligatory “oooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” has commenced, jot down the name of the recipient and the beneficiary and slap that bag boy on the opened present.

At the end of the night/day/whenever, everyone will be able to identify their bounty. Not only that, but they’ll have a helpful hint of who gifted the items when it comes time to compose thank-you notes.

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