Flatware Caddies For Dining Al Fresco & Small Kitchen Spaces

July 1, 2014

One client has an absurdly small kitchen space, the other, a rawther vast outdoor one. The thing they both need? A flatware caddy.

See, for the small space, the flatware caddy provides an aesthetically acceptable alternative to the typical silverware drawer, which they are sadly without. Nary a drawer to speak of, in fact. And being in such a state, an organizer meant to be a drawer insert would feel more like an insult than a storage solution. A caddy, on the other hand, feels like a purposeful and unique method for corralling one’s kitchen utensils.

Meanwhile, there’s the client with the lovely patio and outdoor dining set, whose summer checklist would be incomplete without the item “dining al fresco.” Except she’d prefer table set up not be such a production. In this case, the flatware caddy shines because of its transportable nature. Here it’s in the kitchen, and boom it’s on the deck. No more sacrificing at least one clean fork per trip to a clumsy grip.

Since the chances are high that you fall into one of the two aforeblogged categories (you live in a small space or you have access to an out-of-doors dining area), I figure I’ll be a pal and share the discoveries:

great options for organizing silverware outside or in a small kitchen.

1. The Rack Stainless Steel Flatware Set

2. Godinger Wooden-Base Flatware Caddy

3. Creative Co-op Shabby Cottage Chic Tin Utensil Silverware Caddy

4. Whitewashed-Wood Flatware Caddy

5. Vintage Blacksmith Flatware Caddy

6. Towle Living 3-Piece Ceramic Caddy on Wood Tray

P.S. For help on the matter of what to cook, serve, and use that handy silverware for, get yourself over to my favorite healthy eating lady’s summer meal plan. Tell her Live Simply sent you and she’ll give you 10% off and a free puppy.

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