The Incredible, Moveable, Space-Friendly Cart

June 25, 2013

Wheels are hypothetically advantageous in many scenarios. For the purposes of this article, we shall focus on the ways they’re potentially beneficial in homes. Whether in small spaces or large, wheeled carts offer the unparalleled asset of being moved about easily.

In the kitchen, they can be used to provide mobility in both the cooking or serving process, moving about with you in the kitchen as you please, or being wheeled out to the dining room.

They can be strategically loaded with all the necessary goods associated with individual activities, like these baking carts seen below.

As discussed in the post Organizing The Art Studio, carts are especially useful in craft or art rooms, where the project, medium, or specific workspace may shift on a regular basis. Keeping art supplies on a cart allows you to set up shop wherever it’s most convenient, without having to lug over all the items you need from space to space.

Carts can also be godsend for residents of small spaces seeking a way to maintain an office despite their lack of square footage. A cart-desk will allow you to easily transition a shared living area from workspace to dining room, living room, etc, and vice versa (more desk solutions for small spaces found in So Much Desk, So Little Room).

In terms of flexibility, I think having a shoe cart or trolley in a mudroom or entry is a winning idea.

I’m not all that fluent in botany, but it seems to me as though having plants on a cart would be hugely convenient: move them all into the sunshine in one go, scoot them closer to your water source and then back to wherever you prefer to have them reside, yadah yadah green thumbs up.

Carts are guaranteed to be helpful in corralling items you’re sure to transport all around your space on a regular basis, like cleaning supplies.

And, you know, they’re good for other stuff, too:

Image credits (all collages left to right): kitchen: IKEA, Hus and Hem via One Kind Design, baking: Mini Manor Blog, Stadshem via La Maison d’ Anna G, art studio (clockwise from top left) Katie Stratton via A Beautiful Mess, Martha Stewart, Useful Beautiful Home, Kirra Jamison + Dane Lovett via Design Sponge, office: Real Simple, Preparing for Peanut, A Space of My Own, Real Simple, shoes: Ryland Peters Photography, House To Home, unknown, plants: Orphans with MakeupRue Magazine, cleaning: unknown, BHG, last: Kelly McGuill Home, unknown, My Scandinavian Home

If you fancy one of your own, peruse these:

1. Z COMP CART // 2. Kitchen Cart With Optional Stool Storage // 3. Hopper Storage Cart //4. Trinity 3-Tier Utility Cart // 5. 3-Shelf Wooden Gavin Rolling Cart // 6. 3-Tier Chrome Utility Cart // 7. Turquoise RÅSKOG cart // 8. Solid Shelf Serving  // 9. Folding Chef’s Cart // 10. Jackson Kitchen Cart

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