12 Calculators That Won’t Make You Sad At Just The Sight Of Them

August 4, 2015

I recently got some major flack for the bitty-sized ugliness posing as a calculator I had been squinting at for the past way-too-many months.

You know how it is: you resign yourself to the fact that you need a calculator that resides outside of your smartphone or your laptop and then all of a sudden you just need that calculator already, damn it! And so, shuffling through the grocery store as you do, you frown at the pitiful office supply selection and then put the stupid thing with numbered buttons into your cart. Before you can use some impractical rational that it isn’t lovely enough. Before you forget you’re out of lemons (heaven forbid, not the lemons!).

But then someone goes, “HA. HA. That is your calculator? Oh Annie, no. That is not Live Simply, no sir.”

Suddenly that calculator is a blatant Live Simply violation–chosen with intention, was it? Making more lovely the everyday, does it? Nyet! How dumb is that?

Upon further inspection, most people are in the possession of such a dumb and visually offensive calculating device as mine. So, here’s me taking a stand for all of us grown-up, check-writing, bill-paying, mental-math-muddlers–we deserve calculators that are more than mere blemishes on our desktops!

(I get worse at this not better, huh?)

Ugly calculators are officially a thing of the past!

1. Satechi Keypad for iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac Mini (Wireless)

2. Braun – Calculator

3. Color Pop Eco-Calculator, White + Pool

4. Casio Jw-200tw-rd 12-digit Calculator Gt Dual Power

5. Amemo Elegant Design Pure White 10 Digits Dual Powered Desktop Calculator,Tilted LCD Display

6. Casio Jw-200tw-gd 12-digit Calculator Gt Dual Power Jw200tw Gold

7. Lexon Buro Desk Accessories, Purple Calculator

8. Canon X Mark I Premium Black Desktop Calculator

9. Canon F-719SG Scientific Calculator

10. DL No.1657 Desktop 12-Digit Twin Powered Electronic Calculator

11. +LUMBER by Hacoa Solar Powered calculator, Standard Function with Large Display and Natural Wood

12. Kikkerland Hydro Power Calculator (CC03) by Kikkerland Design

P.S. I came so close to not posting this, but then…it’s ma blog! I cahn post stuhff’s dumb as I wann. Also I try to balance things out by providing very serious and quality content as well. Ahem.


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