The Top 6 Essentials For An Organized Home

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Those articles titled things like “The Thirteen Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own,” and “The 5 Things Successful People Do Every Afternoon,” annoy me to no end. Don’t they, you? I mean, how presumptuous! How general! How do you know what clothing essentials I should own? I always feel like asking in defense.

That’s why I would never write a post about the six things you’ll find in every organized household. Huh-uh. Not me. Would be adding fuel to the annoying-fire, far as I’m concerned. Here’s what I would do: write a post about the six essentials I’ve observed and/or added to every organized household I’ve set foot in. And there’s a big difference there, we can agree.

Are there exceptions? Certainly. But to the degree that households in the first world share commonalities (the wearing of clothes; the cleaning of clothes; the influx of papers; the disposal of papers; the entering and exiting), there are widespread organizational tools required to support said routines. So here they are: the top six essential items I’ve put in every organized house.

top 6 staples of an organized home, according to a professional organizer.

1. Labeler

If you’ve been thinking about picking one of these bad boys up for a while, but have yet to pull the trigger, I ask you solemnly, respectfully: what in Brother’s P-Touch are you waiting for, friend??

Is a labeler a necessity? Unless your penmanship rivals our great-grandmothers’ (who actually had to learn such a thing; imagine)…yes is most certainly is.

2. Shredder

This is hardly the first time I’ve attempted to convince you of the necessity of a shredder. But I will continue to stand atop my blog-box and plead for the incorporation of one into your home until I’m satisfied of their ubiquity.

3. Hanging file folders

Unless you have gone completely paperless, most households have some amount of papers. Those papers need to be organized, and those expandable things generally won’t cut it. I ensure every client of mine is set up with organized file folders, and 9.34 times out of 10, it’s with these. Because I aim as much as possible to not making filing a depressing task for people.

4. Hangers

I have a better mind not to utter another word on this topic, only I won’t stop shouting the need for uniform hangers from the screen-tops until each and every household converts theirs. Consider it the No Closet Left Behind Act.

5. Key rack

This item is slightly more variable, I’ll admit. It is not every household that has a key rack. Some have a designated entryway key tray. But all of them–all of the most organized households–have a home for keys. Period the end.

6. laundry hamper

While the exact hamper may vary from home to home, a master laundry sorter is an essential for the homes I’ve organized. Especially when there are children involved.

Psst: there’s more options to peruse here.

4 thoughts on “The Top 6 Essentials For An Organized Home

  1. Nikki

    Lol to your opening paragraph. Normally posts with those catchy and broad ‘essentials’ disappoint, but yours is totally the exception to the rule. For real. You always have the best content so please keep writing!!!

  2. Michaela

    Love this list! Any suggestions for not-totally-hideous or gigantic receptacles in which to hang such lovely hanging file folders?


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